Daily Minimal-izing
Decluttering and minimal-izing my home is such a gift and privilege. I only allow myself 20 mins a day or I may not stop or even worst: not get joy from it! 
It’s so freeing and satisfying!
Some of the rules I abide by ( self imposed rules that challenge me) are:

  • Set timer for 20 mins
  • Start on one shelf or drawer 
  • Try to get rid of 100 items ( trash, paper, loose tack, etc.) 
  • Know what the function of the micro area is , it it doesn’t belong , immediately go and put it in logical area even if that area has not been organized yet
  • When the timer goes off , 1-2 mins tidy up 
  • Always label , label , label. Never assume that I can remember where things belong.
  • After area is completely minimal, functional and quality wipe down shelves, vacuum drawers or scrub walls.
  • Place tiny garbage can ( to prevent future tiny clutter) and any cleaning supplies needed for that area in there 

Getting rid of 100 tiny things a day is such a challenge !

Some days it’s much less like 20 items and some days it’s close to 200! 

But regardless the number I get to 
I am satisfied in knowing everything left in the area is functional, quality and should be there.

Areas I have tackled in the 100 item toss:

  • Changing table area
  • Baby’s clothes and accessories 
  • Junk drawer
  • Entertainment center
  • My small closet
  • My bathroom 
  • Living room closet 

What you are left with is a clean, manageable area that you are happy to keep clean and a joy to see! Taking pride in our homes, belongings and Gods blessings. 
To me this is Getting  rid of the gluttony of possessions that can so easily make us ill.

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