Daily Minimal-izing My Phone
At some point I realized my phone was very “cluttered.”
The mental weight of thousands of pictures , emails, notifications, alarms , apps was always staring at me every time I unlocked my phone!

So I started daily decluttering my phone.

My first goal was tackling email. The first thing to go was ANY ads and sales promotions. That was such a distraction!

If I sat down for prayer time on my phone , I somehow was looking at the 70%of Landsend swimwear! 

So my original goal/ plan was to unsubscribe to 5 emails per day.

So if a retailer sent me an email I opened it scrolled to the bottom and unsubscribed. I did this to 5 emails per day.

I thought it would take a long time , but after about 2 weeks I only receive about 3-5 emails per day . 

After I reply, print, delete or archive those emails my email is empty!

Can u imagine! ?!?

So freeing! It removed so much guilt and unnecessary work. I also get to truly read and reply to text that are important to me. 

Secondly : turned off ALL notifications except text messages. So if I want to know if I received an email , I enter my email by choice. ( I do this at certain times of the day.)
Turn off and delete all unused and outdated alarms. I had acquired probably 20 alarms that were off in my alarm category.

Third : deleted enough apps that I only have 1 screen with apps. 

Then this is the Daily phone decluttering I do:
Self imposed rules I do daily:( I try very hard not to get on my phone during school hours , and only get on the internet at certain times of the day. My phone decluttering is always done at naptime though)

  • Put all kids in their naptime/ quiet time spots
  • Rock baby to sleep
  • Prayertime: either say the Rosary, or pray the liturgy of hours
  • Declutter phone then technology time: 
  1. First Check email: delete , forward or read each email
  2. Go into photos : delete 20 pictures (for every 10 pics I snap, one is worth keeping) This has brought my phone pictures from thousands down to hundreds.
  3. Next, go into my budgeting app and record any money spent
  4. Check bank account – check balances, activity , pay any bills
  5. Check news app 
  6. Answer any texts or send any reminders 
  7. Check instagram- ( I follow designers that I love and find inspiring) 

If anything, I feel like I am exercising a bit of control onto technology and my phone. Technology so easily addictive and unruly at times that it’s good to tame it on a daily basis. 

2 thoughts on “Minimal-ize My Phone

  1. These are great ideas! I always have so much clutter on my phone. I will definetly start the daily routine you have suggested. I definitely feel overwhelmed with all the info stored on my phone. Thank u!!

    Liked by 1 person

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