Do y’all have this unreasonable expectation of the weekend ? 

I work so hard all week waiting for the weekend and then it comes and I am shocked EVERY single time that I still have to cook and keep the house up and …. tend my children.
Sometimes I let go of all our routines, we sleep late, I don’t pray, kids don’t nap , I don’t implement jobs (chores). 
Then I look around at my messy house, kids fighting, and the disheveled hair of kids who have watched too much tv and I think eww this life is so hard! 

I thought this day would be filled with quality time and picnics. Lol 

Seriously that’s what I thought would happen.
I feel really torn about each day.
Friday – should be a day of fasting and simplicity. However the world says TGIF.
Saturday- Maybe should be used to get household jobs done , but I’m torn by wanting to have the best day in the history of days.

Also I want to visit with everyone but they are doing their own household chores. 
Sunday- Should be a day of rest and prayer. I probably should be cooking a big meal ….but since I’m kitchen impaired that is an enormous task for me. 

We do normally sleep a good bit on Sunday! 
For Brandon I feel like the roles are pretty simple work during the week, maybe work on vehicles and house on the weekend. Spend time with the kids, and rest on Sundays.
But what is my role on the weekends? Is it exactly the same as the week minus school? Are my expectations too high? Maybe we have too much “weekend” fun during the week and I can’t possibly top it on the weekend. 
If the culture is sooooo consumer minded. 

Consume consume consume, excess , excess , more more more.

Maybe I crave constant stimulation, constant entertainment, constant experience?
Maybe just “being”, is painful. 

Maybe just sitting makes me feel bored and uncomfortable and useless.
Maybe I try to collect experiences and fun adventures like proof to myself that life is so amazing. 
My weekends are actually very minimal. We almost never over commit ourselves.
So we are left with a very minimal 2 -3 days , 

Now what? 

What can we do that would be fulfilling?
Here is a perfect example of getting rid of all the “junk” and I need to rediscover what is important and meaningful. 
I’m going to pray about this and ask around . I will get back to y’all with how to Maximal-ize the weekend.

To be continued….

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