I recently read something from an AMAZING book . ( link below) The author says when you go somewhere like a family gathering or a party that you should pray for something sacred to happen.She says we are called to be welcoming, and hospitable to people no matter where we are. Helping others feel “at home” , and valued. 

I thought that was so beautiful. Then I felt confirmed to do this through my learning about the Benedictine Rule of life. 
We have all been at a gatherings and the person we are talking to is looking around or is quickly switching to the next person that passes by. 

We have also been the person that is not that interested in the current conversation and just politely saying yes and no….
But the Benedictine Monks say that you should treat every meeting , every conversation, every single phone call with the utmost attention. As if you are speaking with Jesus himself. 

What a wasted night if no one was really listened to or gotten to know better? 

We should be a beacon of God’s love for those who are suffering. We should enter a room ready to listen attentively to those that may need us. Or smile and be generous with the graces God gives us. 
Since I have started saying this prayer. I notice that when I’m at a party or get together I end up having a nice conversation or two with people. Meaningful or purposeful conversations that are Sometimes deep but sometimes they are light but just so interesting because I’m actually listening and asking questions and want to get to know the person. 
One of the last times I did this and it was so fruitful was at the girl’s dance auditions. The girls were upstairs dancing and all the moms were downstairs mostly on their phones but some were talking together. I ended up kinda sitting by myself. 

I kinda started to declutter my phone and purse . Then I thought … I can do these things at home. Surely God has some great plans for this hour. So I said the prayer “Lord I ask that something sacred happen during this time.”
About 5 minutes later, a mom walked in a few mins late. Right away I noticed something different about her. Firstly, she was smiling at everyone. Even though she was late , she seemed composed and not frazzled . I only see this type of joy rarely. After a few minutes, I swear I think God told me who it was . I said “this is weird but do u happen to have 11 children? ”

She said “10 actually and 4 in heaven” 

I said “oh I have heard of you but we have never gotten to meet before…..” and we didn’t stop talking for an hour . Kindred spirits !!! 

I know without a doubt that was my something Sacred!
That was a recent one but I do this all the time now. I pray for something Sacred to happen and it always does. In situations I used to kinda dread now I leave feeling really good about something special happening.
This is an amazing book:

Finding your purpose as a Mom by Donna Otto

8 thoughts on ““Lord, Let Something Sacred Happen”

  1. Every time I am going into a room where there’s more than a few people, I think about that quote ! And say that little prayer and almost always something sacred does happen! I wish I could remember to say it always ! But thanks for the reminder! I am always nervous about walking in anywhere, especially when there is a crowd . So this has helped me out so much!

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      1. Thanks a million! Sooooo beautiful! I think we should spread the word! “LORD let something sacred happen”. Reminds me of St. Therese ‘ “Lord give me your tender mercies & blessings that people often reject.” Your tender mercies are everlasting! Love Aunt Jody😘🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  2. Aww. June that’s beautiful! The minute I read this I thought about aunt monica. Every time I talk to her she is so attentive no matter what. U have this quality too.!!love this post. What exactly is the prayer?


    1. Christie,
      It’s kind of two fold
      One being : just ask God when your on your way or just arrive somewhere “Lord let something Sacred happen” just that simple. No telling what he has in mind.
      I try to say it before Mass now I add ” ok God if ppl seeing my children misbehaving and us flustered is more helpful to them today I accept it. If you want us to look calm and joyful to help others I accept that too”
      Or today I was having a bad hair day – and I had a birthday party to go to this was my prayer “Lord if it will bring people closer to you by me looking like a mess , I will accept that. If it will bring more people to you through me looking stylish and attractive then so be it, I accept it either way”

      My heart is set on something Sacred happening.
      Maybe I will get to talk to someone who has been really lonely. Maybe I will get to laugh with someone I only see a few times a year.

      So the second part of the prayer is your welcoming of others. By your smile and your cheerfulness and your willingness to stop the other things you are doing .
      To realize that the person in front of you if far more important than the text on your phone or taking pictures or anything else. As if that’s the only conversation that ever matters.


  3. Thanks June. You brought a new perspective. When hosting a party or even going to a party I always feel that I need to talk to everyone. Of course that makes it hard to have a real conversation with someone. Love that prayer.


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