About 3 to 4 years ago , I did a wardrobe challenge that changed my life. At the time , I had no idea how much this would affect me. I also was in a fashion rut to say the least! I had unknowingly resorted to a almost all black wardrobe. It probably started with wearing jeans and black tops with boots but somewhere along the way , I found myself wearing a black baby tee and black or grey athletic pants everyday. I was uncomfortable with my post baby body and I honestly didn’t know what my style was anymore. I definitely didn’t know what looked best on me . 
Then my friend Jessica mentioned or sent me this challenge, Project 333.
I jumped right in….

1. Because I love when people tell me what to do

2. Because the first article was written by a gorgeous model who described her tiny wardrobe ( the whole Article was a perspective I had never heard before)

The general idea is 33 pieces of clothes (including shoes, outwear and accessories) for 3 months. 

There are thousands of people doing this all over. The website bemorewithless.com 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕She does an awesome job of laying out the specifics. 


But I just want to reflect on a few ways I am completely different now or how I think now.
1. “You can never buy an outfit to make you feel smart, fun and pretty if you don’t already believe you are smart, fun and pretty”-bemorewithless.com

2. Stop buying disposable clothes and invest in clothes that are quality pieces.

3. Figure out what is flattering on your body type , stick to that look. Don’t try to force a trend that looks good on someone else. 

4. The prettiest girl in the room is the happiest girl in the room.

5. If clothes hanging in your closet makes you  feel fat, pale, short, or uncomfortable, get it out of there.

6. Wear you “good” clothes often. If you feel great in it don’t save it for special occasions . Wear it!

7. We have been shopping our whole lives and still have nothing to wear.

8. Pick a signature piece and rock it- it maybe sunglasses or jewelry but it’s your signature look.

9. Since I have reduced my wardrobe to a fraction of its original size, I get more compliments than I have my whole life!

10. It taught me quality over quantity and that spilled into all areas of my life. House, friends, events, food everything.

Now, when I see people constantly buying clothes or when I see walk-in closets that are brimming with clothes, yet she is wearing an old t-shirt I feel for them. When I see a woman wearing unflattering things I feel for her, Or I hear women say they hate all their clothes I want to jump in their closet and force them to do this. 😂 I have tried a few times.
So if you are in a rut go to this site. Dive in. Read articles. Pick a day this weekend and do it!!


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