My phone is so decluttered I’m bored. What?!?

Seriously though. 

So there was a point, where there were positives and negatives to social media. 

At some point the bad outweighed the good.

So I got off of Facebook and then did it 3 more times before God locked me out forever. (Seriously, there is no way back in) 

Then for Lent last year I deleted Pinterest. I felt like that was me looking at beautiful things and thinking my things always needed to be prettier, better etc. it always left me feeling discontent.

I have unsubscribed to all emails. So I only get about 1-3 emails a day. Seriously, someone email me!

So if I got rid of all the negative clutter 👎🏻, what are some positive things I can do on my phone ?

Not much….

I say my prayers on my Laudate App in the morning. ( honestly , that’s a terrible habit because I end up doing other things on my phone) 

I declutter my phone once a day. 

Now that I’m blogging, I do this once a day. So I go to pick up my phone and it is “empty” there is nothing to look at. 

It forces me to look at the other people in the room. Usually I say “hey 👋 so and so” 
Like : newsflash we have been in the same room but not talking. 

My phone can not cure my boredom.
My phone cannot make me feel creative. 

My phone can not develop my marriage.

My phone can not help me connect with my kids.

My phone does not make me happy.
I keep picking it up to do what ? I guess out of habit, maybe out of boredom.

After talking with Brandon and my Brother about this, we came up with a few observations.

My husband (who is very talented at being “in the moment”) says he thinks The phone is a counterfeit for connections and relationships. It’s about as real as a going for a “walk” on a live screensaver. It’s a fake. 

Women are so relational and social that we crave connections however we can get it. I truly believe that families long ago lived down the street from each other. Cousins could play together, young moms were visiting and sharing the burdens of motherhood and grandmothers were around offering experience. To me , there is nothing more “helpful” than just a visit ! So every time I grab my phone I’m chasing a fake. I’m longing for conversations and relationships! Motherhood can be very lonely. My aunt used to say one of the crosses of motherhood is boredom. And now I know what she meant. Before children , I could come and go as I please and go after all my goals. It has been a daily sacrifice to “serve” children , tend my home and love my husband. And it gets lonely.

I think we all face “loneliness” in different ways. And when we find ourselves in silence, we face it along with all our anxieties and insecurities. And it’s soooo uncomfortable! 

If you have ever given up radio in the car for Lent, you know what I’m talking about!

It is strange to drive without radio!

But as my Brother reminded me Mother Theresa said 

“Silence leads to prayer!” 

The devil is the one swirling us with distractions, What a victory for Satan that silence is a thing of the past. 

So now that I have stripped satan of his distraction super power I have to decide what to fill that longing with. I’m longing for connections and relationships. More than not, every time I am on the phone or goto my phone for a “quick fix” there are actual people in the room. People who are starving for the same connections and probably on their own electronic device lol. So I’m making it a point ☝️ to embrace that super weird feeling of not being distracted and not getting on my phone. I will either say a prayer or make it a point to smile at the person in front of me 
“Lord let something Sacred happen ”

I did it this morning, i didn’t grab my phone and I had about 10 special moments with the kids. Tiny moments that I would not have experienced had I been distracted. 

Not to get too deep lol but I observed a very strange thing, there was this overwhelming sense of Real , that’s the only way I can describe it. Looking at actual people, they are #1 are not 2D, # 2 you are looking at real time not pictures of the past moments. 
Here was the daily reflection from Mother Theresa today: 

11 thoughts on “My Phone is not Fufilling my Needs….

  1. So true, living in silence is so great ! I used to always have noise all around me at all times but I’m so excited to sit alone and I wonder why I never discovered this before now! And I have also discovered the joy of coversation with kids how fun is that? The joys of there little thoughts 💭 amazes me!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mom , it’s strange to hear u say u look forward to silence , I’m def not there yet! It feels very odd. But I did just have a perfect example. I went to rock the baby to sleep and I thought “oh shoot I forgot my phone, I needed to text so and so” faced with silence , I said my Rosary!!!!!! So it makes me wonder , how many rosaries could have been said that have been “stolen ” by my phone?


  2. Great reminder June. Thanks Tammy for connecting me to this blog.
    I heard something said recently that relates to your blog. It was in a documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism”. It is about how minimizing all the “stuff” in your life gives you what you longed for always. At one point in the show he said that even when you have your phone on silent/vibrate it still breaks the moment. Like when you are talking to someone and really intent on the conversation and you feel that short vibration of a text or phone call it breaks the moment even if you do not answer it. You are no longer focused on that conversation and begin to wonder who is texting and what they may want. Distraction is definitely Satan’s folly.
    Guilty But Trying


    1. June I just looked through your blog and realized that the basis of it is about Minimalizing. I did not realize that when I mentioned the documentary. We are definitely on the same page! lol


      1. You will really like the documentary. It is very well done. I watched it twice and will likely watch it again! I have never been a person who cared much about material things but this documentary made me rethink a lot of life choices. American’s tend to fall into the trap of wanting more because we believe it is only then that we find true happiness. This documentary really brings home that the opposite is true. Also, three years ago we had the pleasure of having a priest from Nigeria stay with us in our church parish for a couple of months. He has been back two more times since then and has become like family to St. Joseph spending time with us in our homes as well as in our church activities. Hearing his life stories of those in real need has humbled me so profoundly and made me ashamed of the times I was troubled over what I considered to be a major life set backs. God is so completely present in this holy man of God and you feel it immediately when you meet him. The parishioners of his diocese travel by foot for miles to attend mass under a tree because the Islamic militants (Boko Haram) have burned down their churches. The great distance and threat to their lives for being a Christian does not detour them from attending mass. They have nothing and yet everything that is important which is true faith and devotion to God. A very humbling message to a spoiled American as myself.
        Thank you for the honest words in this blog. I have not read all of your post yet but I will. You have a good heart. Thanks for sharing it.


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