Two men were driving home from work :1. One can’t wait to get home to see his wife and kids. His wife smiles at him , ” How was your day? ” Kids tackle his legs so that he can barely fit through the door to put his bag down. 

2. One man is dreading pulling up, because you could cut the tension with a knife when he gets home. He takes a deep breath and gets ready for yelling and chaos. He can barely push the door open because the entryway is full of shoes, bags, toys, and stacks of papers.

Which home to do you want create? After all , we are “homemakers.” So what type of home are we making? 

I never wanted Brandon to dread being with us. I know a lot of people look at him and think that life must be so hectic and crazy but I try very hard to make it a place that he wants to be. 

There are a few things I do to try to make home a place he wants to be:

  • I try to have dinner cooked and ready when he gets home. ( even though this tasks is sooooo hard for me) and sometimes I fail miserably. But I do really really try. I’ll do another posts on cooking for your family even if you hate it. Lol
  • I also keep the entryway clean. If that’s the only thing I clean , I keep it clean and I do it for him. My mom has always taught me this , and I also read this in books. It gives them an initial sense of peace instead of initial sense of disaster and mayhem.
  • – If your husband has a particularly stressful or labor intensive job give him time to unwind. And don’t be offended by it. My mom used to say that when her and my dad were first married , when he would get home from work he would go straight to his shed. She couldn’t understand that but she later read that it’s kinda like a cave. So she would let him kinda be quiet and unwind before throwing a million comments and questions at him. 
  • Another thing my mom always told me about her mom – she said right before my grandfather would get home , my grandmother would go change her shirt, maybe freshen up her makeup to look nice for him. My mom has always tried to do the same. I now do it too. When Brandon says he is on his way home I go freshen up my makeup , brush my hair and change if the clothes I’m wearing is stained. It sounds kinda funny out loud but I want to look good for him. 

My standard has pretty much always been, I want him to be crazy in love with me. Which leads me to another leg of this… when we love someone we take interest in their interests. We listen to them. We are kind to them. I always say I have never liked Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Chemistry. But he does. And in my experience, men will start talking and if you are distracted or not really listening they stop and it’s a long time before they open up again. 
Lately  I have heard a few comments that bother me so much, like “my husband takes karate and it’s so ridiculous ”

” I hate football season so much, my husband loves it and I can’t stand it”

“My husband plays these dumb video games”
Now grant it I don’t know the whole story , but I would encourage these women to try to learn football , or ask their spouse teach me to play the video game… not because you like that thing but because you love your spouse and you want to be a part of his life. You want to be a lovable person. A person who loves them , supports them and thinks highly of them. 
Also men follow suit!

Men follow suit. 

Men follow suit. 

Meaning- if you are irritated and grouchy they will be too. If you are quiet and stand off ish they are too. If you are kind and loving almost immediately they respond accordingly. It’s hard for a man to be affectionate to a rattlesnake lol. 

But seriously, the more I serve Brandon the happier he makes me. 
There is an awesome book about this topic that I mail out to so many people ! 

My mom read this when she was first married, and I read it when I was first married. 

It’s from the 80’s and it’s kinda comical but the principles are sound !!!

Light His Fire: How to Keep Your Man Passionately and Hopelessly in Love With You

2 thoughts on “Happy Wife, Happy Life,Miserable Wife , Miserable Life

  1. June, I’m enjoying your blogs.
    Some come just when I need to regroup.
    This one was an eye opener as I’ve been praying and trying to figure out nice things to do. Our 9 year anniversary is in 2 weeks.
    You make marriage, mother hood, pregnancy and life in general seem desirable! You are always smiling and have kind words to say!
    I enjoy the real life thinking in your blogs, cause we all know life isn’t always 🦋 and 🌈.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amy , you are a great wife and mother. From what I can see you always put your family as a priority! And when your husband is home, you really alter your schedule to make time for Him. I’m so glad u like the blog!


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