Ok hear me out on this… I want to express how bad this situation really got at my house. This was about  5 years ago maybe , We had 3 kids and one on the way. 

I was saving hand-me-downs from my own kids , and from other people who so kindly have me their hand-me-downs. ( seriously I really appreciate them) 

But I didn’t know how to handle them so I started storing them in big Tupperware boxes  in the garage – I’m not exaggerating I got up to 42 Tupperware of kids clothes!?!?!?!?!???
Y’all that’s crazy! 
Half of it was stained , didn’t fit, wrong season. I was so overwhelmed and confused. But I thought that was the Holy thing to do. Waste not want not. The prudent thing to do is hand down clothes right?? 
At some point , I realized the madness. That I would rather eat dirt than go through those totes for a few outfits for the new baby. Lol

So we had a big garage sale I got rid of it all! $0.25 a piece . So I was blessing other families with this clothes. 

What really helped me let go was a blogger who voluntarily lives in a small modest simple home in the mountains. She says that by holding on to this stuff it’s as if we are telling God … ” I’m scared you won’t provide what we need when the time comes”
It’s so true ! So now I live in faith that God will dress my 6 children for the upcoming seasons and sizes. I don’t need to worry if I will find a good sale or if I will have the money. I trust Him.

Around this same time, I realized that even when we had 15 batches of clothes somewhere in the rotations , everyone’s dressers and closets were still full. So instead of looking for clothes in the clean clothes , everyone just went to their dressers to add to the ever growing mountain!

This was solved in one day. 

When I made a family closet. 

Family Closet … aaaahhhhhhh…..( Angel’s are singing ) 

We have never looked back since , 5 years ago. 

I bought a $25 bookcase from Big lots and 10 $1 baskets from the dollar tree. 

I paired down everyone’s clothes until they fit in those baskets. 

I’ll admit when I did it i thought it was kinda crazy but it might be the smartest thing ever in the history of kids clothes !!!!
Each child get a shelf :

On the right , labeled “Lydia’s bottoms”

On the left , labeled “Lydias tops”

This is what my current family closet looks like. 

This is clothing for 6 kids. The shelf is for the baby. 

I just upgraded to these canvas boxes and wood tags which cost about $45. My original baskets only costs about $10-15 from dollar tree.
Sooo many great things came from this that I would have never guessed:

  • -dressers were completely empty
  • -closets were completely empty
  • -as I would fold clothes ,I don’t leave the laundry room to put clothes away. Except for adult clothes
  •  ⁃ the kids started dressing in the laundry room or bathroom and so there was no more dirty clothes in every room/ bathroom of the house!
  •  ⁃ If a basket started getting stuffed , I would immediately look at the bottom and toss 2 to 3 pieces of clothes into give away. 
  •  ⁃ I started immediately getting rid of yucky or stained things
  •  ⁃ When I would hire someone to help me or my family would help , they easily knew where to put the kids clothes 
  •  ⁃ If someone was running low on shorts or shirts I could quickly see that from their baskets 

Honestly, there was probably more benefits but these are the ones I can recall right away. 
As for hand-me-downs, the second I get them I go through them . I only keep what I absolutely ❤️ love. The rest I put straight to give away. If it’s out of season , (Aunt Vicki) taught me this and I am forever grateful lol. Seriously, I am.

Ok so if it’s winter and we are in summer I have 2 Tupperware marked winter 2017. 

These boxes only contain winter clothes that I know will fit the kids and that I love. 
I do not save anything that I’m super sick of seeing on them. I hardly save “red” things because I know it will eventually ruin everything else. 
When a new season approaches I make a chart , with each kids name at the top , then the items of clothes they need along the column to the left ….

For example :

Child #1

4 church dresses

6 long sleeve shirts

2 sweaters

1 coat

1 jeans

4 leggings 

1 pair boats

1 pair sneakers

1pair church shoes
Then I have a few favorite thrift stores, I buy only things I love there , and that fit into the category . Then I go to a regular store to fill in the gaps. 
I also don’t do this until I’m ready to switch all their baskets to the new season. 

I hope this helps you take on the beast of laundry!!

So if your kids have dressers full of clothes, closets full of clothes, and your laundry room is brimming with clothes … maybe you should consider minimal-izing their clothes to a more manageable amount in a family closet 😘

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