Who wants some?Me! Me ! Me !

If you have never received miracle money, Or asked for it … you should! 

Miracle money- money that falls from the sky, with no previous knowledge of and no strings attached! 
The first time I ever prayed for miracle money was about 7 years ago. God answered my prayer and so now I do it maybe once a year or every other year. 

I used to experience this when I was working in sales (commission only). Money would just fall from the sky into my account. I felt like I was not working as long of hours as some of the others but the money would come. I often attribute this to 2 things. 

  1.  I always have given 10% to whom I feel called to. Now I give 10% to the Church and my extra money I donate to who I want or who God puts in my path. I have always considered this as a bill. The money is not mine to keep. Plus God is so generous! You can not out give God. Every time I gave a $1000 I just knew $10,000 was right around the corner. 
  2.  I try (repeat try) not to spend money on Sunday. I once read and it maybe from the Bible I’m not sure, whatever you spend on Sunday will be taken away during the week…. I don’t know how true this is. I’m not fanatic about this , I just try not to because it has always stuck in my head. 

These two things I think helped my miracle money come rolling in! 

Fast forward later : 
I have tried so many times to find this article but I have not had any luck . But I want to give you the outline of what I can remember. 

The author is Abby Saucer. 

I try to read articles by her because they are so informative and powerful!

I’ll try to recap her story:

She had just delivered her 3rd baby and she went into cardiac arrest. She was revived but the recovery was long. Since they did not have much family nearby , her husband had to stop working during the week to help her and the children including the newborn. On weekends, he would work from Friday to Sunday; but it never seemed to be enough. 

About a month into the ordeal , she gets a medical bill in for $26,000. She calls the hospital and they are discussing insurance and such. The lady says it looks like her portion will be about $3800. She jots down the figure on the original bill. She hangs up the phone almost in tears not knowing how they would pay for this. They were barely making ends meet. 

All she had time to do was slip the bill under her Sacred Heart of Jesus statute on her mantle( thinking I will pray about this later.)

As she moves on with the other responsibilities around the house, about 2 hours later the hospital calls and says “Mam, I just got off the phone with your insurance and it looks like now you will only owe $600. Thrilled but still nervous about the bill , she hangs up the phone. 

No sooner does she hang up the phone then it rings again, it’s her brother . He just left their house from staying the weekend . He is at the airport waiting for his flight. He says Abby, I left something for you on the counter. After she hangs up, she sees a white envelope and opens it. $600 inside. 😳 wow isn’t that beautiful!!! Miracle money.
I will link below to this amazing lady and her family. She has written some of the most amazing articles I’ve ever read. 
Another powerful article about Miracle money is from Abigail’sAlcove, “Lord if you want me, it will cost $107,000” ( I will try to link below) basically she was a lawyer who felt called to stay home with her children and homeschool. However she had $107,000 of student loan debt. She explained how those billed just dissipated and she was able to stay home. 
Miracle money can come in the form of a gift, or a refund you weren’t expecting. A “overage” paid from years ago that you receive now. Anything totally unexpected but just when you need it most! 

 So when you need a certain amount of money, or a bunk bed, or a new car or new couches. Give it to God… allow HIm to provide! 
When I do ask God to Handle such things like this they work out so much more perfectly than when I try to force them.

I remember when we were first married and I hadn’t decided if I would work too. I prayed for Miracle money. I knew either way I wanted to live under one income and the second income would be extra . When I figured out our finances, we were $600 in the red per month. So I asked God, to make this money appear. He did . He taught me how to find the money without eating beans and clipping coupons. It took some TLC to our budget but the funds did come.

 ⁃ if you are on the other end of this spectrum, maybe You feel like you are blessed so abundantly that u don’t need miracle money. I would encourage you to cash out $100 to $1000. Try to tune in to whatever you feel God repeating in your ❤️ heart. Then wait , ask God to reveal to you who needs this money. It may come in many forms 

 ⁃ A homeless person

 ⁃ An elderly person you meet that is budgeting $10 at the dollar store for toiletries and dish soap.

 ⁃ A repair man that you know has a young family

 ⁃ Someone that reveals to you they lost their job

 ⁃ A organization for abused women that need funds

God will speak to your heart. You will feel Him repeating say “here it is, GIVE “ and you will have the cash available to answer His Call.
So let’s pray for miracle money and let’s give miracle money!

This is a Gospel reflection from today , confirming in my opinion- Miracle Money…

How do you deal with anxieties?

“Some seed fell among thorns,

and the thorns grew with it and choked it.” (Luke 8: 7).
You must identify the thorns choking your spiritual life and move away from them. Not easy. With Jesus everything is possible. (Matthew 19: 26).
“As for the seed that fell among thorns, they are the ones who have heard, but as they go along, they are choked by the anxieties and riches and pleasures of life, and they fail to produce mature fruit.” Lk 8: 14).
Among the chokers of life mentioned here are:

#1 Anxieties 

#2 Riches 

#3 Pleasures of life
Most spiritual writers would say that anxieties is the worst of the 3. If the other two choke the spiritual life out of you quick and easy, anxieties act like a giant python that wraps you in a deadly embrace and kill you by slow motion. No wonder our master and teacher, St Paul warns us: 

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4: 6 – 7 NLT).
“For the love of money is the

root of all kinds of evil. Some

people, eager for money, have

wandered from the faith and

pierced themselves with

many griefs.” (1 Timothy 6: 10)
If you do not worry about money here and now, thank God for the grace of the present Moment. Have you worried in the past? Almost everyone. Will you worry in the future? Most certainly Yes. But you have now the tool to deal with it.
Do not worry about money because God promises to provide what you need.

5 thoughts on “Miracle Money

  1. Thanks June for another great message! I will never forget being at your house in prairieville and you were praying about finances , then told me how at work brandon got a raise out of the blue! Since then I sometimes ask the same when we are in a bind and yes a refund shows up out of nowhere! Thank you for posting, I look forward to all your posts because they remind me too when we were such “new” moms all the great conversations we would have and the wonderful advice you always gave me! 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I forgot about that! If I remember right… our expenses went up by $400 and out of no where he got a raise for like $410. Almost to the dollar!! I forgot about that

      I’m so glad you are liking the posts , and thanks for the comment !! I miss hanging out too


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