Ooohhh how I love being obedient!I LOVE ❤️ when people tell me what to do. 

I am super great at implementing! 

But I hate hate making decisions. 
Being obedient, is a free pass from making a decision. I love it. 
Very often I will call my mom or text my friend Michelle, or my sister and say “tell me what to do with myself…”

Sometimes they say 

“Go make a cup of coffee, pray…”

Sometimes they say “get up, do dishes first”

Sometimes they say “ take the kids for a ride, order a pizza. “
Whatever they say. I . Do . It. Period.

You know how much pressure is off of me when someone tells me how and when to do something!?!?
I face 10 million teeny tiny decisions everyday, it’s such a relief to follow orders. 
A lot of people are scared of these 3 words Obedience, Authority, and Submissiveness. 
Don’t be. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. 
If you have ever said to a child, time to clean up, and they immediately say “yes mam” and start right away, then you can appreciate the beauty of obedience!!!

It shows trust, respect, love, self discipline and cooperation. It is proof that the parent – child relationship is healthy and functional. 
When you tell a child “time to clean” and they ignore you, or whine and drag through the chore. The opposite feels true.
Don’t be scared to be vulnerable to someone else in obedience. Especially someone that loves you and wants what is best for you. Be vulnerable to your spouse by letting them lead in big decisions. Be vulnerable to God when you have no idea where He is taking you. Submit to God’s Will even at the expense of your own will. ( trust that he knows better than you) .
So what are some ways to increase your obedience level in your everyday life. 
#1 When you husband tells you not to put knives in the dishwasher, or park in a certain spot don’t dismiss the correction mentally. Say “ok” and then make a conscious effort to do that small tasks he asked of you. 
#2 If you parents or grandparents can be abrasive and maybe critical try try to put your offended side away, and dig deep to see what good thing they meant for you. 
#3 if your priest asks for you to forgive your brother or sister. Take it to heart , and try to submit to a challenge that u don’t want to do. If your priest encourages you to go to confession. Go. If He asks you to read the bulletin … read that thing.( I need to submit to this one!) 

There is Cajun joke, my mom says, if you really want to keep a secret, put it in the bulletin. 😂 

Terrible. But seriously, I will try to start reading it.
# 4 If you feel that God has put a book on prayer, or discipline or finances in your life. Do the steps in the book as if God himself told you to do these things. 
#5 If your alarm goes off. Submit to your alarm. Get up and Work for God. 
#6 If your boss gives you an assignment you dread, do it with an obedient heart without grumbling.

These are God Given authorities in our life. 

I’ve always heard instill obedience in children to parents they can see , so that one day they follow a God they can not see.

I believe God delights in our humble obedience, just like we rejoice in a child’s obedience.  
Things to not be obedient to, or to reject.

– lust

– Gluttony 

– Self indulgence

– Pride

– Cultural Norms

– Love of money 

– “Experts” 

– Whims of Children 

– Busyness

– Responsibilities that take away from primary vocation

God doesn’t mind that we mess up 10,000 times , He sees our longing to please Him.

Hopefully He is smiling and saying “Well done, My good and Faithful servant” “you were so obedient and trustworthy in these tiny affairs that much will be entrusted to you!”
A religious must not consider the person of his superior, but God alone, for Whose sake he obeys. The fewer good qualities a superior has, the greater merit there is in obeying him. – Saint Francis of Assisi
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3 thoughts on “Embracing Obedience 

  1. This post is so true but if I am honest so hard to implement, example #1 like when Dad says over and over don’t throw birdseed all over back yard we will get weird grass growing !!!! I thought that was rediculus !!!!!!! Well it took a while but 🦀 grass grew every where we couldn’t even walk in our backyard with out shoes 👠 our poor little grand baby’s would scream in pain!!!! It took probably over 5years for us to get our back yard free of all crab grass!!!! Sometimes the effects of our rebellion come years later ! I think of how often God try’s to warn us months inadvance don’t take that route it looks fun and easy !!!! But it will lead you to nothing but pain ! Reminds me of the parable of the sevant who was obedient in small things and the master rewarded him with even greater things!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it’s easier to dismiss when our husbands correct us then to actually submit. I always feel like my idea is better or more important than His and I have to make myself remember how smart and wise he really is.


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