The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it. – Saint Vincent de Paul
This is why satan hates Mary so much! She was perfectly humble.
My moms friend Ms Gail used to say “Humiliation leads to humility and humility leads to holiness”
Isn’t humiliation so painful. It’s almost like a physical bruise. The next time you are humiliated, try not to pack it away. Try to take the blow as a blow for Christ. 
We are so easily filled with pride that humility feels like a sting to our puffed up souls. After a while we may feel “oh I’m so talented, so educated, so smart, so important.”

Humiliation can be a check and balance on pride.
What are ways we can be humiliated… and experience it gracefully.
 ⁃ maybe a coworker “calls us out” in front of others.

 ⁃ Maybe our debit card is not working and we have to leave all our groceries at the register 

 ⁃ Maybe you receive negative criticism about something you thought was great.

 ⁃ Maybe you aren’t invited to an event you thought you would be

 ⁃ You feel like you are really talented in an area but someone asks someone else about that topic
A few months ago , Brandon and I saw some of his friends from his past. The old “friend” made a rude comment about all our kids. It wasn’t anything horrible but it was definitely humbling. When we got in the car, we talked about how it healthy for our pride to be brought down sometimes. 
So you can say a prayer like this “thank you satan for that small humiliation, thank you for reminding me of God’s great mercy . And sparing me the danger of pride.” The evil one will flee!! He can’t stand that he helped you get closer to God. 
Another form of humiliation, is seeing people from your past that u are embarrassed of the way you were back then. Every time I see someone from high school I’m brought back to those days when I was a different person, who made so many mistakes!! And I wonder what does that person think of me when they see me. But now that I write this , I bet they are thinking of their own high school selves and having similar regrets! 

Maybe we don’t think of the other person’s bad judgment 1/100th of how often we regret our own! 
These experiences are humbling! Allow that feeling and “give that humiliation to God”

Let Him transform it into a victory for Christ. 

I hope the next time your pride is wounded, which it will happen … you can process it as humbling , and transform that painful situation to something holy.

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