This was the message I read this morning. (Saturday Morning)-
It really made me realize how much I had planned for the day. So I started making a list of all the things I wanted to do today / things that I needed to do and my regular routine. 

It was probably 25 things! And I realized that at the end of the day I would sit down exhausted and not really know what I spent the day doing?! As I wrote my list I felt resentment swelling up inside of me. I started thinking things like “I can never do all this … the kids are not going to help at all”

“ Brandon will do this and this and I have to make sure I keep the kids occupied “

“ I really want to go here and here and I probably won’t get a chance to …”

I was kinda surprised 😮 how negative my mind was going about the day. 

So I told satan to get away from me!

I asked God to unravel the lies that the devil had twisted and reveal to me what was important for today. 

I compared my list for Today (Saturday) and thought about my unrealistic expectations for the weekend here….

The Perfect Weekend?!

I went through the list and scratched out things that did not need to get done today. 
I tried to let my fears go for some items. 
I have been contemplating weekends for a while now and I think I have kinda narrowed in on a few things that matter:
 ⁃ Brandon works all week, and he uses the weekend to fix and work around the house. This is really important and I need to assist him in this. If he has to cut the grass, I can’t start crying lol. I need to tend to the kids so that he can do this. 
 ⁃ During the week, the kids and I do school and regular house chores so the weekend is a good time for us to do household chores we don’t have time to do during the week. 
 ⁃ We have to stick to our skeleton routine. This basic routine keeps everyone fed, rested and clothed. Just because it’s the weekend they have to do their regular chores just like me.

 ⁃ I also realized as I crossed off my list – I don’t need to go go go to fill my emptiness . There is so much that needs to be done here. Meaning – I don’t need to buy more stuff / I need to take care of all the stuff we have. I don’t need to feel accomplished outside of here, there are plenty of projects to make this home beautiful and more functional. I don’t need to leave to relax , I have every possible luxury here. I don’t need to leave to make connections, I need to nurture my marriage and my kids relationships. I’m leaving and running around trying to fill these voids but the answers are right here. 

Then I read this in my Mother Theresa Book-

And I realized it’s good for kids to work and help. Maybe I am a bit too spoiled myself . Maybe I feel like the weekends were meant for me to have fun and let go of responsibilities. 
So this morning, the kids and I did a house overhaul. I’m 8months pregnant so this looks a little different than when I can totally tackle things. 

I noticed that clutter and stuff was slowly collecting around the house. I have worked so hard in the past at decluttering that it was killing me to see clusters of clutter here or there. 
So this was my whole house reset.

  1. . Have each kid a laundry basket to fill with “stuff.” We started in the worst room, the playroom and then to each bedroom. They were to fill the baskets with anything they saw – toys, clothes, trash , dishes anything.( checking under beds, under chairs, bottom of closets , tops of dressers) 
  2.  They kept bringing filled baskets to me on the sofa – there I had a give away bag, a trash bag and I sorted things that they need to bring back “home.”
  3.  So I was the sorter, organizer and declutter person and they were the runners and carriers. It only took about an hour and we probably filled and emptied 20 baskets. So now all the house is reset. 

It felt really good! It was good to see the kids “working” on Saturday instead of lounging around all day. They were somewhat into it because it wasn’t our regular routine. Now we can enjoy the afternoon in a better way. 
My ultimate question I’m trying to discover is :

After I rid my life of pointless clutter and busyness, what is left? It feels like a void that I need to re-stuff….

Whether it’s my house, my phone, my calendar, or currently my weekends. 
If I get rid of the unnecessary busyness of the weekend, what am I supposed to do? This is what I’ve come up with so far:

  •  enjoy my spouse
  •   Assist him in his weekend projects
  •  Stick to the skeleton routine 
  • Give the house some extra TLC 
  •  Do something fun and simple with the kids
  •   Do something creative 
  •  Not use the weekend as a way to serve and entertain myself but to still serve others 
  •  Use Sunday for Church, Rest and just Being 

My Saturday went beautifully ! After I discerned what things would have drained me with no fruit. Enjoy 😉 your Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Woes Part 2 

  1. This message was for me ! I don’t know if it’s because I came from such a large family but, I hate making my kids and grandkids wait for anything !


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