-About 1 year ago my mom gave me a stack of copies she made from a little prayerbook… it’s been floating around my house and when I decluttered a certain box 📦, I found it and put it in my Morning Prayer corner.

-it’s been there for a few weeks and I’ve read a page of two here or there…

– I will attach a picture of the message I read yesterday…..

– I couldn’t believe it, it’s as if I had read this before I started the blog. It is just over a page long and it refers to 12 blog posts!!!! 

As I read each line, I was getting more and more shocked! 

It is about Simplifying life, and Finding God.

So I’m not sure if this is God encouraging the themes in the blog as if we are on the right journey….

I’m not sure if maybe I should pray for St. Padre Pio’s intercession….

Or maybe I should share some of these excerpts with you all….

So we will see, if you feel God tell you something about this please share! 

Page 2

Today I want to really focus on….

“Consider your duty. Then move through each day and try to serve only that duty.”

Anytime I get confused about my duty? I go back to the 5ps that I learned from this book….

A Mother’s Rule of Life
Consider your duty in this order

1. Prayer

2. Person ( taking proper care of yourself so that you can tend to others, eat, sleep, exercise, hygiene)

3. Partner 

4. Parent 

5. Provider ( work, home management, homeschooling)

These are the duties of a married mother, of course yours will be different if you are in a different season but this is a good outline. 

Notice provider is 5th. A lot of times it unportionately becomes #1.

Or sometimes parent moves to #1 and Partner moves last.

We should try to attend to all 5 p’s in proportion and in order for balance .

Good luck!

I’m going do my morning routine which handles:

Prayer, person ( getting dressed), partner (I cook for us and hopefully set up the evening as peaceful, parent (dressing the kids) , and provider ( facilitating chores, gearing up for school)

5 thoughts on “If Saint Padre Pio Had a Blog….

  1. Crazy! Great advice though. Cutting out activities can sure be hard though. My Delimma is I feel God calling me to help, especially mychurch, but those activities take so much time. We are. Allen to help others, not just ourselves, but it must all be in balance.

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  2. That message is so important for today, and so important to everyone! Thinking that Padre Peo lived in the past ! And he used the same principles then too !

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