When we were on vacation about 6 months ago there was a book at the condo that I read cover to cover in about 4 days…

The House that Cleans Itself
If you are housekeeping impaired and feel like everyone is cleaner and neater than you … get this book! 

She was not a neat person naturally so she thinks like a messy person and she understands how a messy person functions. 

Anyway…. one suggestion from her book that I did while on vacation on my phone in notes 📝 was a master house lists. 

The author suggests that really neat and tidy people don’t have avalanche closets stuffed with things, or drawers that barely close. They are neat in everything. Sounds too hard, it’s really not. 

She gives great ideas how to completely tackle your home the right way over a period of  several months. 

She teaches 3 levels of cleaning if I remember right…

  • Initial purge and deep clean ( this is the master list ) 
  • Routine maintenance ( weekly chores)
  • Quick clean (1-2 mins when there is gunk on the window, or stain on the coffee table) 

So today I want to talk about the first one. 

I did Flylady for many years, and I do think she is sent by heaven to help people that their house is out of control. But for me this book fit my lifestyle better. And I do not feel like I am going back to those areas that I originally purged.

Creating the Master List-

 ( this is the challenge for today, especially if you are at a computer or on your phone right now)

It will only take a few mins and you will refer to this for 6months to a year or more. 

  • List every single area of your home.
  • Every closet, nook, room, space, area 

(example, boys closet, boys room, boys homework area, foyer, entertainment center, toy shelves, linen closet, bathroom , bathroom closet)

  • Number 1 is entryway. This is the hub and drop off of the home.( If y’all are interested in this I can do a separate post on this high traffic , high function area) 
  • Number 2 will be what you immediately walk into from the entry way, maybe the dining room or living room.
  • Keep going all through your entire house 
  • Then list outdoor areas: patio , storage room, garage, back door , side yard , garden, bike area
  • Your list will be long …..that’s ok … this will be months of refrence
  • Print it out and post on your bulletin board

As you come up with your system for simplifying your home you work your way down the lists. 

I like to be “obedient”to the list. 

If I have time to do some minimalizing/ decluttering/ simplifying I refer to the list. 

Today, I had that chance… in the spare bedroom is a bathroom that rarely gets used. Well that was next on my list. 

– got my timer

– removed anything that didn’t belong

– tried to throw away 100 items( there is not even 100 items in there) I probably threw away close to 25 though. Had 1 large item to give away . Felt great! 

– tom when I purge I will still be in that room, I will wash the cabinets, the inside of shelves and walls, and baseboards for about 15 mins 

– I will also make a shopping list of things that would help that room….

  1. It needs a tiny garbage
  2. It needs a cleaning station with glass wipes and all purpose wipes
  3. It needs a new toilet scrubber
  4. It needs hand soap 
  5. It needs shampoo, conditioner and soap for guests
  6. It could probably use a new shower curtain 
  7. The faucet it’s pretty yucky , I may see if we can replace it for under $25
  8. Check light bulbs aren’t out

Then this bathroom will be in proper condition.

Had this random bathroom not been on my list I would continue to ignore this space. 

But since simplifying involves repairing and caring for the items I already own , I may spend $25-$40 on adding value to my home instead of on another throw pillow or holiday hanger.

Here is my Master List

I truely hope you make this list, you will not use it often but it will take an enormous job and make it something possible. 

One thought on “Master House Simplify List…

  1. I tryed to read the same book 📚 several times but couldn’t get through , but i love that June has made a great outline for us and it makes so much more sense to me now!


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