So this morning, I put my tennis shoes on and there was a rock in my shoes by my toes. 

At first I was thinking ok when I get a second I’ll go take my shoe off and get the rock out.

But then I think God inspired a different idea for this Little Rock. 
Salvation for Souls !?!? 
What ?!?!?

Yep, I decided every time this rock bothered me , I would offer it up for someone who asked me to pray for them. 
 ⁃ I have a friend who is in a really broken place right now. 

 ⁃ A relative with breast cancer.
So about 20-30 times, the rock triggered a prayer.
Super simple :

“Lord I offer up this irritating rock in my shoe for so and so…”

4 thoughts on “There’s a Rock in My Shoe.

  1. Great idea 💡!!! God has been waking me up at 4:05 every morning for probably 2 years now ! At first it was so hard and still some time it’s so hard!!!! But I don’t think about it so much anymore, I get up put on my coffee ☕️ unload my dishwasher, and sit in prayer until Patrick wakes up at 5:30 , I have had so many amazing blessings from this quiet time!!! When I think of all the wasted hours , with my insomnia just praying to go back to sleep 😴, I wish I would have realized what I was being called to do! Never to late to start a new habit !

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    1. Have you ever heard the thing that an hour = a unit of sanctification

      So each hour can be used to get closer to heaven or further . Crazy huh?!?

      And I remember what you say “ God I can’t do these great big sacrifices? And He replied what about your coffee?” Could you give that up for souls (something u love)


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