😒 seriously , that’s kind of a stretch right?? The house with dirty clothes all over the bathroom kids wrestling in the playroom and Cheetos under the couch? 

One day I was visiting with my friend, and we were discussing our favorite places to be and she said “my house of course.” 

I said “what? You would say your house is one of the most peaceful places you go???” 

I had never been to her house at that point. 

So then later after visiting her house I understood. It was very neat, warm and welcoming. It smelled good , she had soft music playing. The decorations were beautiful! Not over the top , not fussy , not sterile. Just very welcoming and cozy! Lots of light airy colors. 

Then we started talking about a book she was reading and she maybe even took pictures of these 3 pages. I have read these pages over and over again. 

I just recently read them again. If you don’t get a chance to read the book it’s ok it’s worth reading and rereading these few  pages below. 

There is so much in these pages. Ideas that I have never heard ! Most of us run from our houses because it’s a never ending chore. This calls us to something truely more! 

I would not read the pages below until you have time to really focus. Maybe during prayer time…

I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!-

Finding your purpose as a Mom
Book link above:

Cheers to Home-Making !

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