Many of us give out of our surplus. 

I feel called to give in a tougher way this Christmas. I also feel called to share it with you…. maybe God is calling you to the same challenge. 

I feel God is asking me to Bless someone else with a Christmas Budget that is half of my own , or the whole amount.
We know everyone wants to give their children a good Christmas. And we all feel the “pressure “ of Christmas on our pocketbooks…
I feel called to give someone else My Christmas Budget. Let’s say this year my budget is $100 for Christmas gifts. I feel called to give another family $50 and hopefully I can gather enough to give $100 to other families.
People I have in mind…..

 ⁃ There is an elderly Man in my life that would probably love $100 to buy gifts for his loved ones. 

 ⁃ There are 2 elderly women in my life that could probably use $100 to buy gifts that doesn’t interfere with their fixed budgets.

 ⁃ A family that has a lot of medical expenses. 

 ⁃ A single income home that just had to buy a new air conditioner.

 ⁃ A family that recently lost a job.
See God has not put homeless and starving people in my life. I believe he has put lonely people and people that struggle financially.
Here is my personal plan.

I have my Christmas Budget in an envelope. cash.

I also have another envelope labeled “other families Christmas Budget “

I’m am hoping to match the amount in both envelopes.

I am asking God for miracle money to fill the second envelope.

  • -one way is Brandon can fill out surveys with his health insurance that he can get up to $500 for doing. 

So check your insurance to see if it does similar. Start filling them out now because it takes several weeks to get in.

  • -If you have Aflac or other supplemental insurance. Fill out your wellness claims this may come up with some money. 
  •  ⁃ if you have some furniture or electronics that you have been wanting to sell, go ahead and do it to fill your second envelope. 
  •  ⁃ Pray for miracle money so that you can bless another family.
  •  ⁃ Go to the casino. Lol just joking 🙃 

In a previous post I talked about Miracle Money. God may put it on your heart ❤️ to give miracle money this Christmas.

Miracle Money
I really felt called to share this. Perhaps he wants some of you to do the same. Look around you and see who is struggling financially. You can give the money anonymously or tell them that you felt like God blessed you with some extra Christmas money and you wanted to share it with them.

Over the next day or two ask God to reveal to you who needs help this year. As well as what your Budget should be. You can not serve two masters 
You may actually be the person that needs help. Maybe God is calling you in humility to reach out for help , maybe even asking your church for help. I hope that Miracle money finds its way to you.
Merry Early Christmas!

( PS I will be writing a bunch of post about Christmas. Christmas meaningful gifts, Christmas Blues, Being a Grinch, Natural Decorating , let me know if y’all think about these things every year.)
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One thought on “Give Until it Hurts …HoHoHo

  1. I like this idea alot , it got me thinking about how I can give more. I also think that God may be calling some of us to maybe give more than money , maybe putting our selfs out by donating time for some one who is lonely 😭 are to take the time to give a young family the chance to go out and purchase there gifts for there own children. Catholic’s are always accused of only worrying about babies in the womb but they don’t care about helping others after the Baby is born !!! I don’t believe that but it did get me thinking alot about single momas ! And their struggles! Maybe if you honestly don’t have extra money, you could use some other options !!!! Only God knows you’re cercomstace!


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