Have you ever faced or sensed something very evil? It’s very real and the torment from evil is real. 
Over the last few years I feel God is leading me on a journey to finding God in my everyday life. Not in the Chapel or knee deep in prayer but everywhere. 

He is calling me to see Him on Pinterest, at the mall, at McDonald’s, during the new Marvel movie and doing phonics with my kids. 
I believe He is slowly revealing to me good vs evil. I believe He is asking me to discern everything on whether or not it brings me closer to God and Holiness or further from God. 

One of my first discernment journeys was about modesty. I was in college and my best friend and I were tanning in bikinis at my apartment complex. Well this yucky old man , came up to the fence and just stood there watching us. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I was thinking 🤔, “this man could not pay me 1 million dollars to let him watch me in my bra and panties , but here I am in utterly the same thing.”
( I do not condemn anyone for wearing bikinis, I wore them for almost 20 years, had this not happened I would have wore them until I had children) 

But this was a situation that is very much cultural norm but I felt God asking me to discern modesty and see where this led me.
Another example of God kinda revealing Himself to me is in women’s fashion. 

Just the sheer excess is crazy. All of us have walk in closets bursting with clothes, shoes and still “nothing to wear” 

When I did project 333, it wasn’t just about clothes. God was calling me to something more. 

There is a great video on Netflix called “The True Cost” that will have a big effect on you.
Ever since this I have felt called to discern other areas of excess. Clutter, Clutter Clutter. Closets with stuff just jammed into it. 

Toys filling whole houses. ..

Everything it’s just soooo excessive. I believe God wants me to take a step back and discern these pointless things. 

My latest discernment process has been with food. We have been trying to figure out what God is calling us to in this area for almost 2 years. And it seems the more I learn , the more there is to learn. Ignorance is bliss right. 
Well I recently have felt called to a pretty radical way of eating , I may share later specifically…. but for now I’m still discerning what God is asking of me. 

Well every time I meal plan or discuss this food at all I would get this incredible anxiety and feeling like I’m doing something wrong. My spirit was really in distress about the topic.

I called a friend to help me understand this turmoil. Why would I feel so anxious About something that I feel is from God?!?
After I got off the phone I prayed for peace and wisdom to know what God wants. 

And I believe it was revealed to me…

I was facing a spirit. 

The spirit of Gluttony. 

This a forgotten sin.

One that hides in our culture so well that the last time I heard the word was 20 years ago with the movie Seven.
When it came to mind, I got chills. This demon has been working on our families for generations. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease are part of our family tree. The south Louisiana mentality is every meal is a feast. 
When I started praying the most powerful prayer I know I started hearing hissing. Like a serpent was pinned down and flailing around. 
I caught this sneaky beast. He is exposed now and I’m breaking my family of the bonds. When I went to the grocery store shortly after this , I was almost sick when I saw the gluttonous food there. I actually turned my head?!?!
I know it sounds crazy , but its the truth. 

Then this was the quote this morning that made me feel like I’m on the right path. 

All worldly pleasures appear bitter to those who taste God. Taste and see how sweet and amiable the Lord is, and you will never regret having loved Him. – Saint Francis of Assisi

In the service of God the higher we rise the higher we wish to rise; the more we advance in the knowledge of God the more we despise the things of earth. Saint Joseph of Cupertino
So I’m really not sure where this journey with food will take us, but I do believe as I discern and pray about this part of life it will bring us closer to God. 
My suggestion for you… if you feel this strange feeling to not watch a certain movie, or hang out with a certain group of people, or listen to certain music. Whatever it is, listen to that voice… it may not make any sense. Ask God to remove the veil from your eyes and give you wisdom. 
God doesn’t want only the Church part of you , He wants ALL of you. 
This is great 6 min video explaining the topic 


2 thoughts on “Gluttony 

  1. Wow , I know I struggle with this sin , very often . I don’t know if coming from a large family is part of the problem? But I do think that being 1 of 9 really affected the way I feel about food , we were always out of something! Even if we had the money to buy it it seemed to be always something missing ! Now that I have more control over my own pantry, it does bring me comfort to see my pantry and refrigerator full !


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