My mom always says this prayer before shopping and it works every single time!!!
I actually started asking God for items that I need in the house. A new couch , bunk beds , kids clothes whatever I need. And magically it appears! 
I think God loves when we ask Him for tiny things and I think it trains our souls to turn to Him in the big stuff too. 
So the next time you 🤔 think, I need some new clothes, or a sofa, or rockers…. say that prayer and watch them appear!
I just did this with rockers. I needed a new rocker for my living room but they are $300-$400. Well sure enough my aunt sends a text, she has 2 rockers if anyone wants them! 
I did it with my playroom furniture and I got a perfect couch for $40!!
“Lord, help me find something for nothing”

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