When I got out of college, I worked at a 100% commission job. This was a budgeting class I would give to associates. It really was my first financial principle that remained sound in almost all household budgets. 
Every single person I work with on budgeting says, “Our finances are not the same month to month, so it’s hard to budget.”
But every single household has monthly bills, and weekly groceries and gas that has to be paid regardless of incoming money. 
Almost every home has one paycheck that is consistent, and one paycheck that fluctuates.
Fluctuating income:

– Side jobs and second incomes

– Overtime

– Bonuses
This first principle is to salary yourself. 

But before you can do that you have to clear through the confusion in your account.
I used to think that one of the devil’s tricks with finances is confusion. 

So many things outgoing- some from credit cards, debit cards, cash, checking accounts, savings account, checks, automatic debits, etc.
So many ways money comes in- automatic deposit, cash , checks, husbands checks go into account A, my checks go directly into savings, clients mostly pay cash , etc. 

You have to establish 3 accounts.(You probably already have these, but this just defines them better)

  1. Account A – all outgoing money leaves from here. 
  2. Account B – all incoming money goes into here.
  3. Checking Account named Savings- Savings

Set-up Automatic transfer on the 1st of the month and the 15th of each month from Acc B to Acc A.
Next is a sample before account, and an example of a streamlined account that “salaries” themselves.

To be continued…
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