My spirit was greatly disturbed yesterday , all I wanted to do was cry.  Things were not going “my way” and I felt terrible physically. ( I’m due in 4 days)
 ⁃ My first instinct is to call a friend or family member and tell them my distress. I decided against this.

 ⁃ My next instinct was to blame my husband and kids for my dissatisfaction and general sadness. I rejected Satan, told him to get away from me. Recalled a few really nice things my husband and kids have done and decided against this too.

 ⁃ My third instinct was to “dive into self.” How can I feel better? I can go shopping, I can maybe get a babysitter… Maybe I can eat some amazing food….I decided against this as well.

 ⁃ My next thought was to pray my normal prayer routine…. I struggled through the readings and got nothing out of them. I felt called to read from an old kindle book I haven’t read in years…. here is the excerpt. I did the steps that St Francis de Sales suggest and I feel the sting of sadness dissipate.

 ⁃ I felt calmer. I felt my composure regained. My friend Adele says “ step away from the disturbances , regain your inner peace “

Sometimes depression can hit me like a brick wall. I often try to “fix” it. Maybe it’s my blood sugar, maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s postpartum depression…or maybe it’s an attack from satan. 
I know other people suffer with this. After reading this book and others I think St Francis De Sales and others may have too. 
This is from this book :

Roses Among Thorns

2 thoughts on “All I want to do is 😢 Cry…

  1. Beautiful post June, how many times I have started my day feeling the same way!!! Years ago I would have used the same solutions as you mentioned shopping, eating, anything to satisfy my loneliness, when if I only would have known, like I know now to dive into Prayer ! I hear the word of St Augustin “our Hearts are restless until they rest in you Lord” .

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    1. I️ thought it was interesting to unite your “sadness” with suffering.

      It’s a little easier to see a physical pain and offer it up but a spiritual pain I️ hadn’t thought of that


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