There are seasons in our life for different things. Sometimes God throws things in our path to slow us down, humble us, and make us depend on Him alone not our own abilities. 
Some scenarios: 

-death in the family

– pregnancy/ newborn

– Personal illness

– Sick children 

– Flooded homes

– Travel 

– Unexpected guests 

You are lowering your standards when we find ourselves: 

Offering up a mess when you like things neat…
Eating out when you should have cooked. 
Holding a crying baby, when they should be sleeping. 
Hugging your husband when your running late. 
Wearing play clothes to Church because you can’t find dress shoes. 
It’s ok. Sometimes that’s the cross. God humbling us and teaching us that we are so weak and imperfect. 
Sometimes He wants others to see us this way. 
– When my kids misbehave in Mass, I pray “If it brings more people to You , by seeing us sweating and frazzled, so be it. I accept.”

– When I’m having a bad hair day, “ok God if it brings more people to you by me looking put together and stylish; I accept. If it brings more people to you seeing me tired, weak and wrinkled. I accept that too.”

– I once heard a story of 10 Vietnamese priests who were escaping the country. They were staying in a small house together. They had to purposefully leave dirty dishes and a mess around the house because if authorities came and it was super neat they would suspect they were religious. He said it was such a cross not to keep the home clean. 

– Sometimes we pride ourselves in certain areas of life and we feel like we are letting others down by not keeping them up 100% of the time. Maybe we are letting them down. Maybe they don’t care. But either way God knows that we wish things were different. And He is ok with our temporary Super Low Standards. 

2 thoughts on “Super Low Standards

  1. Super low standards, i feel like I let my family down when I don’t keep up my house! Are I don’t take the time to put on makeup and stay in pajamas all day ! (Which I rarely do, ) but sometimes after no sleep days on end thats all i can manage!!! June’s is the one who taught me to just do the 5min makeup routine , base , mascara and lip gloss “wala ” and you are at least presentable !!!! I know my husband does so much more than-he had ever done in our 40 years of marriage, and to think that used to bother me , LOL I must have been crazy!!!! Now I say thank God for the help !!! Low standard Tammy that’s what I have become! LOL

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    1. I️ know now on a really “low standard “ kind of day I️ pick 1-3 things that I️ would like to see done. Even if everything else is undone I️ can feel good about my list was done ✅

      Sometimes my list may say:
      Pay bills
      Schedule appt
      Rotate laundry
      Wash dishes
      Hold children

      And I️ try to do those things really well

      And the interesting thing is : some way or another everything else falls into place.


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