At this adult catechism class, I learned this beautiful thing. We are offered the same Mass, the same Eucharist as St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and St. John Paul ll.They had the same Jesus, the same scriptures , the same graces available to them that we have available to us. 

-Isn’t that crazy?!
 ⁃ The speaker was saying that Mother Theresa would sometimes spend an hour a day picking maggots off of people. How do you not fall into despair?? She would say that she could not continue her work for one more day or one more hour without the Eucharist. 

 ⁃ Or Pope John Paul ll lost his mother at 9, his older brother at 12 and his father at 20. He said he may have loved his sister but she died before he was born. So by age 20 everyone he loved was dead. So how do you go on to love the whole world and impact people the way He did? 

 ⁃ They have the same Mass that we have now. They say the same Psalms. 

 ⁃ When we leave Mass ,we are sent out. It’s a actually a Latin word that means sent on a mission: similar to military terms for sending troops on a mission. 

 ⁃ In your circle of friends, family and neighbors…. God is sending you. God is not sending a Saint or an evangelist, He is sending you. 

 ⁃ You maybe the only source of God that these people come across. 

 ⁃ We go to Mass, we pray so that we can be filled with graces that overflow to our husbands, children and friends. You can not give what you do not have. 

 ⁃ Mass is not for God, it is for us to survive this world, this week , heck maybe just to survive this afternoon. He knows we are sheep among wolves but He gave us the means to bear it. 

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