A Quiet Life …
How happy are the bees. They leave their hive only to gather nectar for their honey, congregate only for their common work, are busy only unto that end. Their ordered bustle is directed to filling their houses with the aromatic labor of honey and wax making. They are much happier than the libertine wasps and flies, who dash around at whim to things that are as unclean as they are undignified and seem to exist only to bother the rest of the animals and to cause them pain. They are everywhere ferreting about, sucking and stinging as long as summer and autumn last, and when winter comes, they find themselves without shelter, larder, or life. But from the nobility of their work, our chaste bees have gained a most suitable shelter, agreeable provisions, and a contented life amid the profits of their earlier labors.

 ⁃ St Francis De Sales from this great book

Roses Among Thorns
There are people who are so high strung and whipping around they actually steal some of my peace. 
I also know that sometimes, my husband and children are calmly enjoying something and I am acting like a wasp or a fly to them… irritating and whipping around. 
That’s all I want to do … God’s Will calmly and enjoy the peace that comes from that.
There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from being productive and checking everything off. But there is a greater satisfaction in bathing our anxious souls with gratitude and peace.

Enjoying the hive and the labors of our vocations.

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