Acquire inner peace and a multitude will find its salvation through you”– Saint Seraphim of Sarov


It’s so true. We are drawn to people who are calm and peaceful. Drawn to people who have joy. Drawn to people who are peaceful enough in their own lives to be able to share in other people’s lives.

Isn’t that what you would consider as a quality of Holiness. You can tell a person is close with God by their peace.

Not that we all don’t have struggles, anxieties and crosses. But peace it’s a beautiful thing.

One of my first posts – The Perfect Weekend

I was kind of working out this question. If we get rid of all the busyness and distractions, what is left? I think 🤔 the answer maybe , peace. The idea that all is as it should be and nothing is left undone.

This book I’m reading says a few things to consider about inner peace.

  • Peace is impossible without prayer. ( not difficult without prayer, impossible without prayer)
  • Peace should be considered a priority to all who want to help their neighbor. Otherwise , more often than not they would simply be communicating their own restlessness and distress.
  • The more our soul is peaceful and tranquil, the more Gods image can reflect from us , and grace act through us. The more agitated and troubled our souls , the grace of God acts through us with great difficulty.

So i believe some tangible ways to seek inner peace,

  1. cultivate a daily prayer life , that you protect
  2. Remove things that agitate the soul . Take note of when you feel uneasy. ( sometimes the answer is Social Media, Pinterest or certain TV shows, news , too many articles ) Sometimes it can be a person that discourages you. Once you identify things that make you feel bad you need to discern how to get rid of disruption, to maintain inner peace.
  3. Delete unnecessary activities from your life.

Slowly removing agitation to the soul and acquiring inner peace, will allow God to act through us.

Searching for and Maintaining Peace

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