So I’m pretty confused about my Minimalism journey ( probably 2 years worth!) and how messy my house has gotten when I’m not on top of everything.

Kinda crazy.

What would it look like if i didn’t get rid of clutter by the truckload on a regular basis?

Looking at it from a thoughtful/ Spiritual way …

It’s almost like clutter and chaos is alive and grows exponentially like a virus…

Is that weird?

Why doesn’t peace and order spread so quickly?

It kinda makes me think 🤔 does ugliness and sin multiply exponentially faster than virtue?

Is virtue snuffed out super fast if left unattended even for a little while?

Does hate and discontent grow easily and unknowingly but kindness only grow when we choose it and cultivate it ?

Why is that?

It’s pretty negative 👎🏻 thought.

But Brandon reminds me of the sower and the seed. That the weeds and the thorns grow and grow and choke the seeds.

I have noticed it doesn’t take as long to get my house back in order. Which makes me think even more than getting rid of clutter ; part of simplifying is establishing a functional area for the things you keep.

So in the spiritual way: if you have a regular, and reasonable prayer life. When your life gets hectic , and you stop praying…

You can quickly get back in line because you have an established pattern to return to.

So it’s not a waste.

If you have a prayer routine in place for 5 years, and then you get in a rut for a few weeks. When you are ready you can ease back into your prayer schedule.

Or eating healthy…..

If you eat healthy for 1 year and the the holidays come and you eat terrible and you stop cooking. It’s not all a waste , you can fall back on healthy patterns at some point.

Now that I’ve experienced the peace of a simplified schedule, meals cooked , orderly home that’s what i want.

The mess, chaos, and sticky floors grossed me out. It never did before. ( or maybe that’s why i never wanted to be home)

Eating fast food and convenience foods gross me out where they never did before.

So maybe that’s how sin and virtue is. Gossiping and distraction never bothered me before. But once you taste kindness and joy, that’s the new standard.

I guess that’s how heaven is. We get tiny glimpses of it on earth and leaves us longing for it!

So virtue is something so precious, that once you have a tiny taste … you will spend all your efforts trying to get more.

⁃ orderly home

⁃ healthy food

⁃ Great prayer life

So basically, there are seasons of life that these things temporarily elude you. But if you establish routines and systems that work … you can ease back into these things.

⁃ also we have to constantly be on guard against sin and disruption because it comes uninvited and it multiplies very easily!

⁃ When life starts spiraling, don’t panic! This is not your life. The devil is trying to pull you from your inner peace and attack there. Calmly offer up your failures( as they will happen.) Pray for strength and slowly ease back to peace and order.

3 thoughts on “Ugliness Grows Like Wildfire!!

  1. June you have such a gift! I love your post so much ! They always touch my heart! I find myself reading I️t so intently. I am so focused on every word bc I want to soak in all the wisdom! You truly are one of God’s disciples. You are meant to spread his word!! I love u so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe that’s so beautiful!!! Thank you for the comment . Sometimes i worry that I’m not making sense … so it’s interesting when people say they understand! It makes me think we are all going through very similar problems and emotions


  2. Hey June,
    Love your post. Please keep them coming. I really learn so much. You are so right simplify, simlpify, every area of your life and you’ll never go back.
    Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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