My mom taught me to compliment people. She compliments everyone. Sincere compliments.

She was voted friendliest in high school. What a great honor! I would not have been voted anything in high school, Bc i was too worried about myself.

That’s how adults are really:

⁃ There are people that are kind and compliment others.

⁃ There are People that are so concerned with their own lives they can’t be friendly.

I have found really lovely people, are so vulnerable to others. They can laugh at themselves. They know things they are good at and they know things they are Terrible at.

They don’t mind people seeing their imperfections. They aren’t threatened by others talents.

There is something i heard about people that are happy, or kind…Something they all have in common… they all feel they have value.

God given value.

You have value. Not when you are productive, or thin, or beautiful, you have value because God created you.

This is why the unborn and elderly have value. They are human and their value is infinite regardless of their “usefulness.”

Your job does not define you.

Your past does not define you.

You have infinite value.

The challenge today is compliment someone. It may feel strange but do it anyway.

Reach out from your own problems and worries and make someone else feel good.

It can be simple:

I love those shoes or earrings.

To more difficult: You are so beautiful! You have a beautiful smile! You have such great ideas! I love seeing you, you make work a better place!

You know who never gets compliments… men. Tell your husband that he is handsome and he will light up!

Tell him that he is smart or strong and he will be shocked!

My mom said once she told a man that he looked handsome in the shirt he was wearing. She said he told her, it had probably been twenty years since someone told him he looked handsome, and he started to tear up!

I’ll try to think about complimenting in a spiritual way….

because there must be something holy about complimenting because it feels so good!

2 thoughts on “Compliments

  1. June thanks for posting , some times I just need to be reminded that the smallest compliment can change some ones day . The story about that guy is true but it also happened with a woman I complimented to , I’ll never forget the effect on her , i said her hair looked great and she teared up too, she said it had been years since she had gotten a compliment on anything! Her expression has stayed with me every since, what a little gesture with such a big empack .😊

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