So many people are fearful and distressed.

We live nearly inside a panic attack all the time.

You have to spend time in prayer so that God can grant you peace.

Often times we are too distressed to pray and yet that is the only thing that will relieve the stress.

When i am gone from my kids for any amount of time they are very grouchy when i get back. My mom always says it’s their little way of saying “I missed you and I’m mad.”

They don’t understand their loneliness so they act out. My mom always tells me “Just sit and hold them until they decide to get up.”

My instinct is to “do something with them” play a game, read a book something i can “check off” in my head. And yet they don’t need any of that. They just want me to sit and don’t say anything.

So it kinda reminds me of my relationship with God. When i have been away from praying or Mass I’m grouchy. I’m a little crazy. I worry about a million tiny things. I can’t even explain my distress. The answer is to just sit with God and let His presence comfort me. I shouldn’t get up until i feel better. I don’t need to “do” anything. I don’t need to “check off” any particular prayer. Just sit.

Basically that’s what Adoration is. Experiencing the Holy Spirits Magical Calming effects.

Anxiety+ Sitting with God = Peace

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