I always wanted a life coach. I would love for someone to tell me what to do at every moment . Well I found one one Amazon. This is how i found it…

Two years ago, the holiest woman i know told me to read this book. It was the source of great conversion for her years and years before.

She actually said it showed up on her doorstep and to this day she doesn’t know who brought it. Honestly, i was thinking …. she is so Holy it must be difficult to read. I also didn’t think the title was interesting. ( Just being honest)

Well this year i was praying about my 2018 resolutions and this book kept coming to mind .

So i said this year i would like to read the book. I ordered it for $4.39 on Amazon. Great price right?!

I thought I’ll have it and i gave myself a year to read it.

Well it comes in and it’s so small.

So non threatening.

As i begin reading it , it’s a very easy read.

The story and text are very relatable.

The first lesson i learned was powerful and simple. I used the lesson all day long . I went through my day in a way i have never done before. I was aware of God in a way that was previously took enormous effort and yet yesterday and throughout the night ; it became effortless.

I encouraged some of friends to get the book and we can read and learn together.

Now i feel like everyone needs the opportunity for this conversation with God .

So here we go!

Order right now if you feel a string pulling at your ❤️ heart.

It keeps coming to me… $4

Can a simple , $4 book change one women’s life, and she go on to help hundreds of other people in their spiritual lives. Then those people buy the book , and it change their whole lives.

Kinda crazy. That something so small, God can use for such big conversions.

Maybe, because this book is based on the daily life of an obscure kitchen monk that lived 300 years ago!

And now I’m sharing the book on a blog posts 2018! Really unbelievable if you think about it.

Makes me think of humble to holy.

Kitchen Monk peeling potatoes to 1 million copies sold.

Baby in a stable to King of the Cosmos.

I hope this encourages you to order the book even if you don’t read it for 1 year or 5 years.

Share this posts with someone who is searching for something deeper! Share with your prayer group, or moms group.

Actually, order for them!

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(Disclaimer: i have not read the whole book, normally i wouldn’t suggest a book i haven’t read. But i want to go on this journey with you all)

Happy Holy 2018!!

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