I have not read any further in this little book

The Practice the Presence of God only the first conversation or two…after all I’m giving myself a year to read it.

So far here is my profound, change everything, way that i have been talking to God…


That’s it.

That’s what the book taught me so far.

Talk to God casually and tell Him what is happening as it’s happening.

So simple.

So natural.

My first conversation with God:

So the first time i tried it , this is what i sounded like “God give me the graces and the wisdom… “ ( that was me sounding prayerlike to God)

PAUSED and i started over casually,

“ God, the baby is nursing , two kids are arguing, i need to clean the table, get my son ready for basketball and cook supper instantly and simultaneously. “

Then i felt him say “what are you doing right now? Not what you need to do , what are you doing?”

Me: “nursing the baby”

God: “ok look at her, Nurse the baby”

Me: “But,but, but….”

God: “Shhhh, nurse the baby”

Second Conversation:

“God I’m extremely tired and the 20 month old wants me to hold her, and the newborn needs me, and i wanted to do a new nighttime schedule, and i need to take a bath so that i can watch a new show with Brandon, because my New Years resolution was to get to bed at 10:30…”

( so notice i didn’t start with Holy requests this time, i started off casually straight away)

God “What are you doing right now?”

Me: “Rocking the 1 year old”

God : “Ok rock the child, as if you will never hold her again. Smell her hair, sing to her and keep your mind on her”

Me : “ok” ( less objections )

Third Conversation:

Leaving the allergist/immunologist

Me: “God, I’m driving in the most confusing part of town with GPS, i need to call and update Brandon, i need to check on infant at home, i need to stop and pay for my new glasses, i need to stop and buy cheese for tacos tonight, and i need to get RX”

God: “What are you doing right now?”

Me: “ Driving “

God: “So just drive, you are unfamiliar with this area and you keep making wrong turns “

Me: “Should i pray the Rosary on the way home instead?”

( That’s me trying to be prayerful to God)

God : “No, focus on driving ; offer that up for me”

Me: “ I offer up this drive for love of you, God”

( very calm drive home)

I am excited to hear from you guys on this book!

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