Having an aversion to prayer or church?

There maybe lots of reasons that you don’t want to pray. But i want to talk about a few reasons for this and one that no one wants to talk about.

⁃ #1. God is allowing dry times in prayer- sometimes this is God stretching our souls in faithfulness. He conditions us a little at a time. A friend of mine says this is what little children do. They pull us out of selfishness. The lack of sleep, the testing of our patience, the stress on marriage. It’s stretching our souls for the big stuff later! It gets us ready. It teaches us not to depend on our own strength.

⁃ A lot of saints and very Holy people experience this. It is sometimes called the Dark Night.

( God can sometimes feel distant so that we continue through prayer and going to Mass even when we aren’t getting consolations and fuzzy feelings. Oh how great it is when the consolations return!)

⁃ #2. It’s an Attack: Sometimes we have an aversion to prayer and going to Mass because the evil one loves to attack on those grounds. It’s pretty simple war tactics…. take them off their turf. God resides in peace, prayer and in His Fathers House. Satan knows this , the further we are from God the easier the attack. So we must continue to have the high ground when it comes to spiritual warfare.

⁃ If you feel you are under attack by Satan this prayer can help : “I rebuke you Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I bind you to the foot of the Cross. Get behind me . “

⁃ I will do another posts about this soon.

But there is one other reason that you may have a hard time praying or going to church. This is the one no one wants to hear….

But “please don’t shoot the messenger….”

-#3. You are living in sin.⁃If you are in a constant state of mortal sin, you don’t want to face your maker. It’s tough to sit in church, wishing you weren’t doing what you do and “pretending” that you are ok. It’s like an elephant in the room except it’s in your heart. You kind of put up a wall to God because you want Him in other areas of life. Just not there.

⁃ Two sins come to mind…if you are having an affair. ( or maybe you are having an emotional affair) Other Sexual sins including pornography. There are definitely others but sexual sins are a cultural norm now so you may be fooling yourself that it’s ok. ( side note: God wants you exactly where you are, it’s our shame that distances us) Confess and repent.

– This is my 3rd reflection from the book The Practice of the Presence of God, to stay in God’s Presence we must get rid of things that do not lead to God. We are trying to establish communion unhindered by things not of God. So another words, if I am asking God’s help with dishes , discipline, exercise, budgeting, work, marriage but then I put on a trashy tv show, I am breaking the connection. It doesn’t lead to God. I can’t invite Him into that time.

We must examine our conscience and be honest with ourselves about our spiritual dryness.

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