So my next reflection from the obscure kitchen monk who lived 300 years ago…

When i sin, lose my temper, or say something i shouldn’t , i used to beat myself up about it.

I would feel guilty and think that that is the way “I am.”

But after reading this little book. Brother Lawrence would just casually tell God, sorry about that, and move on.

Wow! Move on ??

So i don’t have to feel like a horrible mom or person ?

So I don’t need to read parenting books, or pray more or get more sleep or take vitamins???

So i tried it:

I lost my temper with my 8 year old after a 30 min whine session from her.

Old Me: “God, please help me stay calm. Give me wisdom to parent the way you want me to . Give this child graces to behave. Maybe i should have her write an essay? Maybe i need to spend one on one time with her? Maybe she is not feeling good? And on and on and on….“ ( my brain is so exhausting)

Me now: “Sorry, about that God”

Moved on.

So. Much. Easier.

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