I read an idea to post the corporal acts of mercy on your refrigerator.

Corporal Works of Mercy:

1. Feed the hungry

2. Give drink to the thirsty

3. Clothe the naked

4. Shelter the homeless

5. Visit the sick

6. Visit the imprisoned

7. Bury the dead

When i read this article, I was nursing the baby. It was like God was saying your are literally giving drink to the thirsty. And you are dressing the naked everyday.

I truly believe He has not called me or most of us to some great big ministry. He is calling us to serve the people under our roof. So i made a corporal acts of mercy list for this season of my life.

Corporal acts of mercy: ( that i can do today )

Meal Planning for the Hungry

Dressing the naked for School

Comforting the Throwing up Child

Listening to the Lonely Child INSTEAD of looking at my phone.

Respecting the In Laws

Making a Home for the Homeless

Burying Resentment for my Spouse

You can definitely adapt this to your season.

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