It’s not changing our activities that pleases God, but doing them for God leads to sanctification.

Doing them for God instead of for ourselves.

So which activity makes me holiest?

⁃ reading the Bible

⁃ Switching the laundry

⁃ Drinking Coffee

⁃ Taking a Bath

⁃ Playing go fish with kids

⁃ Going to Church

⁃ Disciplining my child

⁃ Cooking lasagna

⁃ Planning a birthday party

Whichever one was done for God. Was the holiest.

“God, i offer up my son’s schoolwork for love of you.”

“God, I’m brushing her hair , neatly for you.”

“God, I’m offering up my excitement about my new clothes for you”

“God, I’m going to cook for love of you “

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