Actually I Love Lent!

Perhaps more than Christmas. Is that weird?

I find it a perfect time to reconnect with God. A time to self reflect.

A spiritual journey that the world has not commercialized , yet!

40 days of getting rid of the yuck out of my life and filling it with good things.

Some of the most powerful things I’ve done during Lent have stuck with me years later.

One year i gave up all music except Christian music. Before that Lent i used to love rap music. Since that Lent probably 10 years ago, it changed the way i listened to music. I am more aware of lyrics now and i can’t listen to the vulgarity.

One year i felt too concerned about my appearance. I gave up jewelry except my wedding ring. Honestly, since then if i think back … i wear very simple jewelry since and i feel happier about the nice pieces I’ve chosen.

One year i was especially obsessing about decorating my house. So i picked up all throw pillows and decorative items for lent to kind of detach myself from these items. That one was soooo difficult!

One year we fasted for my Godchild for healing and it worked! He experienced a miraculous healing of his hip!

-I usually like to “give up” something I’m unhealthy attached to.

⁃ I also like to add something positive to my life. Maybe go to daily Mass, Adoration or Confession.

⁃ I like to buy a spiritual book for the time.

This year i signed up for the Dynamic Catholic

“Best Advent Ever” and it was AHMAZIng!!!!!

So I’m expecting “Best Lent Ever” to be just as good! It’s a 1-2 Minute video sent to your email everyday. Make sure you sign up!

Best Lent Ever!

Lent is 8 days away!

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