Sometimes i have to almost command myself to let go of all my busyness and to do list and realize my favorite person in the world is right there in front of me.

Or maybe I’m working on my grocery list and he wants to talk, well he is infinitely more important than that list or email.

Sometimes, he does things i wish he didn’t do and he doesn’t do what i want him to do… but it doesn’t matter. I would rather be happy with him than have my list checked off while we snarl at each other.

Laugh with him. Hold hands. Watch a movie. Watch comedians in cars drinking coffee on Netflix. Drink coffee outside together. Find matching socks for him. Print out an article you think he would like. Tell him you love him. Thank him for working hard. Ignore the traits that aggravate you. Remember the traits you love about him. Thank God for him, pray for him. Help him to fall in love with you. Sit by him. Put your phone down. Cook his favorite meal.

Life is so hard. We can go through it miserable together or we can enjoy each other while we do all the hard stuff. Don’t push your husband away when things get tough. Respect their opinion, and listen to it even when the advice irritates you.

When he hugs you remember the feeling when you first were dating and you were giddy because of hugs. It might have been 1 year ago or 10 or 30years who, remember that feeling!

One of God’s greatest gifts is marriage.

Don’t fake it. Don’t take pictures of it or try to hyper plan date nights. Just date again.

Put the bickering aside (its sooo miserable) and be nice. I like to pretend like I’ll never see him again , how would i spend my time with him.

⁃ if your husband is not responding like you want give it a little time. Usually men follow suit. If you are aggravated they are too. If you are happy so are they.

⁃ ask God to make him madly in love with you. Ask God to help you fall in love with him again.

2 thoughts on “Love your Husband

  1. Today is my anniversary 42 years , I needed to read this today of all days ! This reminds me that I really need to relook at how blessed I really am and how great my Husband really is . Thanks for the Reminder !!!!!

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