– “I don’t get anything out of Church”

– “the Priest is so boring”

⁃ “It’s pointless going to Church with young children”

⁃ “We are all arguing before Church and running late. ”

⁃ “The Music is horrible. ”

⁃ “I can pray at home. ”

Some events i can acceptably make such reasons not to go…

⁃ A movie, if i get nothing out of it. Leave.

⁃ If a concert the music is terrible,don’t go back.

⁃ If a book , is boring ; i should put it down.

⁃ If a family activity is causing arguments i should definitely reconsider.

But all these things are forms of entertainment. We go to these places to be entertained. Church is not for entertainment.

Its about as exciting as getting gas in my vehicle. Now don’t get me wrong, church maybe thoroughly enjoyable and beautiful but that’s not a requirement. It is meant for fuel. A gas station does not have to entertain us for us to go. We need Gasoline. Period. No one will dispute this.

We need God. We need God to fill us with graces so that we can make it through this tough life. We need Him to make it through this week. We may need graces for others in our family that have no relationship with God and we can pray for them. Mother Theresa of Calcutta said she could not do her work for another hour without the Eucharist.

Things we do “get” from Mass:

We may need forgiveness so we can let go of the burden of guilt.

We may need clarity for a big change in our life.

We may need courage, for a problem in our homes.

We may need healing for an illness.

Regardless, of how Charismatic the preacher is or how lovely the music is.

I find that if i don’t goto Mass on Sunday, I’m fine on Sunday. I’m even ok by Tuesday. But by Wednesday i can tell I’m not myself.

You are going to the house of God. No tickets needed.

“If you refrain from trampling the Sabbath, from following your own pursuits on my holy day;

If you call the Sabbath a delight,

the LORD’s holy day glorious;

If you glorify it by not following your ways, seeking your own interests, or pursuing your own affairs—

Then you shall delight in the LORD,

and I will make you ride upon the heights of the earth; I will nourish you with the heritage of Jacob, your father, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.”  (Isaiah 58: 13 – 14).

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