Simplifying life includes promoting health and wellbeing right?

I know God wants me to simplify my meal plans and ingredients.

I have also found this in health area of my life.

Garlic Oil :

What can I cure with garlic oil within 1-3 hours?

Ear infection


Red streak infection

Ingrown toe nails

After several years of using raw or messy oils a friend of mine made the best suggestion:

Odorless Garlic Oil pills

$9 CVS

Buy a bottle. Research the above when you need it but i have first hand seen all of the above ailments cured within 1-3 hours.

It is nature’s antibiotic!

Garlic is antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial and immune-boosting.

I can’t not share this information with you.

It’s too simple and perfect, My friends.

5 thoughts on “Let me save you a trip to the doctor: (or 5)

    1. He was taking Celery seed pills but i don’t know if we can say definitely it has brought it down, i only want to suggest something that I’ve seen first hand work 🙂


    1. Not dumb at all !
      There are hundreds of ways to buy garlic oil and use it , ingest it and topical. For all of the above i use it topically. You can ingest it but i think it can lower your blood pressure if you ingest too much. I just use a needle to burst the little pill and it’s a gel. Make sure the pills don’t have silicone in it or it won’t be a gel on the inside


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