Obligation is a form of love.

So it has been occurring to me that i need to pray even though i do not feel like it!

In some ways my spiritual life has grown in practicing the Presence of God, but my daily prayer routine is lacking. Mostly since i had the baby.

There is always so many things “i need to do real quick”

I may sit to read the readings of the day and before i know it…

⁃ i checked an email

⁃ I bought a First Communion Gift

⁃ I added something to my grocery list

⁃ I texted 3 people ( including my husband who is in the other room so i don’t forget)

⁃ I looked up what days the DMV is open

All the while thinking, i will do this real quick and then get back to the reading.

No way , our brains don’t work that way. I can’t effectively switch, switch, switch.

I guess it puts the Bible reading and prayer on the same level of importance as check the weather for Saturday, or make a meal with that chicken in the freezer.

But it’s infinitely more important. All else will fall into place when our spiritual life is in tact. everything will start to spin when our spiritual life isn’t where it should be.

If I’m honest with myself , it boils down to my phone. I can run a hundred errands from my phone. I will have to go back to a paper Bible.

  • i will begin again where Mathew Kelly suggests: Reading the book of Mathew from Beginning to end( not in one day).
  • Plus I’m 32 so i guess it’s time to learn some of the books of the Bible.
  • I will go back to saying one decade of the Rosary at lunch.
  • The Chaplet at 3:00 pm.

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