Most Expensive QT Ever

So I’m in the Emergency room with my child 2 nights in a row … i see the young mom in front of me and this baby on her shoulder. I sat behind her for hours and i didn’t see her look at the baby. She kissed the baby a few times but she didn’t look at her.

I did see her play 3 different games on her phone for hours.

( she maybe super attentive at other times i really have no idea) ( i am also so guilty of this !)


All i kept thinking was “Omigoodness does everyone see how GORGEOUS this baby is??? Like really beautiful baby, and how her phone was NO comparison “

Not.even. Close.

But why do we rather look at a screen than people. People are so real looking , intricate, squirmy, warm looking. A screen aesthetically is nothing compared to it.

It really made me aware of how often or how seldom i really look at the people around me.

How many times am i just carrying my baby like a purse and not looking at her.

How many times am i missing these GORGEOUS moments for my stupid phone?

Probably very often!

I like to use waiting rooms as QT with that particular child. My son that was sick wanted to watch something on my phone but it was about to die so we were forced to hang out. It was nice. He learned how to have a thumb war. He thought it was the most amazing thing to pee in a cup. I taught him not to point at people.

QT in the ER. Who knew?

Most EXPENSIVE mother/ son date yet. Lol

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