I have had a lot of confirmations about purging lately. This one really hit home.

I’m reading this extremely old book about child-rearing , and forming habits in children. It kinda reminds me of Jane Austen Era. In this book they discuss how you should get rid of all broken, stained or ruined toys. The book says when children realize that things are gone once they won’t “do” anymore, they take better care of the items.

It also says we wouldn’t dare use a smudge and dirty spoon, so why use soiled and dirty toys.

I don’t know why this struck a cord with me, but i looked at my boys room and realized it was a disgrace to play in it.

So i basically got rid of everything i could see that was tossed around, stained , broken.

Almost immediately, it felt right. The Christian part of me says save things, don’t waste…. (it also says that about food.)

But there is this quiet voice that says. Bologna!

This is junk. This junk is taking up precious space in your mind and your kid’s mind when it could be filled with Holy things!

There was a kids show that illustrated this way.

⁃ The nun is getting all new school supplies sent to her. But she must first clear out the desk. Clutter has set in. Random objects have accumulated. She has no room for the new things to fill it.

Just like our souls . We must purge it of the endless clutter and anxiety !!! So that we can make room for the things God wants to fill us with.

So pick a room , grab a garbage bag and be ruthless!! Purge the random, accumulation of stuff. Try to fill the bag as fast as you can then get rid of it.

I have found one of the biggest obstacles to clarity of mind and home is the “maybe” pile.

It’s not really hurting anyone to keep…

But that’s the thing , it’s not helping anyone either. It taking up extremely precious real estate. Real Estate in the brain and in the physical world .

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