I was recently reminded of this story. About 4 years ago we had our 5th child. My husbands work knew we had the child but we didn’t call the insurance. We also thought we had 60 days but we only had 30 days. So basically, we missed the deadline.

She was born June 3rd. The insurance says she is not covered and we would have to pay for cobra for her ($1200/ month ) until the next open enrollment. She also had a cold that we were concerned was RSV…

The hospital bills from her birth start rolling in and she has no insurance coverage!

I was kinda freaking out! Thinking this mistake could financially ruin us.

I almost audibly heard God say, “Tell NO One!”

“Don’t tell your mom, or your best friend”

“This will be part of the Cross, to suffer in silence, I will be your only comfort”

So i didn’t. Everytime i would freak out on the inside i would say “God, you deal with it”

I never called the insurance.

I never told anyone.

Guess what happened?

The next week, the insurance called …

All was fixed. They backdated it. She was covered.

God wanted to win that for me. Not my own efforts!

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