Most of us will never be called to be martyrs. We will probably not be imprisoned for going to Mass.

But there are a few times in life that we can embrace the upcoming pain and anxieties and unite them to the Cross.

Its the most real way you can pray for those you love! It’s also a fast track to miracles.

This is how Jesus chose to save us, the Cross.

Examples of 2018 torture and persecution:

⁃ childbirth

⁃ Wisdom teeth

⁃ Cancer treatments

⁃ Migraines

⁃ Losing a job

⁃ Being humiliated

Examples of ways to unite them to the Cross.

-“Jesus, i unite the upcoming pain of my surgery with your pain on the Cross, i ask that you take my sufferings and save the marriage of my friend.”

-“Jesus, i am having shoulder surgery, I ask that you take this humiliation and cure my moms cancer”

I have to get my wisdom teeth out next week. ( I’m 32, and my tooth is getting infected)

I’m kinda looking forward to having a painful event before my Godchild’s big leg surgery. I can unite the pain and ask God to take my small offering to cure my Godchild.

I was hesitant to share this prayer and suffering, but i think it’s important to let people know how to lay down your life in this modern world.

Look forward to the Cross! It can save your marriage, or free someone from addiction.

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