Have we forgotten how to celebrate??

I think perhaps we have.

Birthdays are another thing on the to do list.

Anniversaries just pass us by.

Mother’s Day , July 4th, Vday , graduations are just menu changes and time to spend money.

Do y’all agree ?? Are holidays morphing together?

I’m reading book that inspired me to change that. I’m thinking it may take a few holidays but i think it will add so much to our celebrations.

The basic structure can be changed to fit any celebration.

• First a few words from the person being celebrated. Example Birthday child , anniversary couple, graduate etc.

• A few words from people about the celebrated person. Fathers Day: funny stories about Dad. Birthday Grandmother: fun or loving stories about Grandma Ect ,or a graduate: everyone say their hopes for the graduate.

• Presentation of the gifts: this is when each person can give their gift and maybe explain it.

• Blessing: If you are comfortable have the father or grandfather say a special blessing for the celebrated person. My dad said a prayer over the moms yesterday. The parents can maybe say a blessing or prayer for the graduate or the birthday person.

• Lastly, a scripture verse that has to do with the event. Maybe printed and everyone there can sign it for the person to keep!

What a deeper way to celebrate these events!

We live in soooo much abundance!! It’s hard to tell what is a feast! As we practice simplifying things and living with purpose we can develop richer relationships and memories.

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