Saint Luke, describing the events of our Lord’s birth and recounting the story told by the shepherds of the Angels apparition, says that “Mary kept all these words pondering them in her heart.” “Pondering them in her heart” means, in the Latin and the Greek, what we may describe by the homely phrase, putting two and two together.

( This is taken from a Homily on today’s Laudate App)

This is a confirmation to me about something i have been pondering 🤔.

It has only happened to me maybe 3 times… God puts something on my heart and He wants me to ponder them and work them out.

⁃ Once He told me not to buy things on sale anymore.

⁃ Once He told me that all man made things have straight lines and all God creations have no straight lines. ( Humans, nature)

This is the latest…

(I have not fully worked out the details yet, but this is what i have been pondering for a long time)

We live in such unbelievable abundance. Never in the History of the planet have people had to declutter, own storage units, and fight obesity. Since the beginning of time, humans worked to provide food for their families. Now the poor, are plagued by mountains of stuff, and junk food is 1/12 the price of fruit and vegetables.

My mind can’t wrap around this. In the Bible, abundance and prosperity are blessings. Now, the wealthy enjoy minimal possessions. We pay lots of services to keep all our possessions. However more often than not, possessions are disposable and it’s easier to buy more things than to keep, manage and repair the original.

What has happened???

Seriously, how can the pendulum shift so far in 80 years?

My grandfather talks about making Christmas ornaments out of bubblegum foil. His mother making beds out of dried moss inside quilts.

I recently went through my linen closet and fill up a truck with extras for donations

Is God letting us live in our own gluttony?

Perhaps Our sins have personified…

Our Generations sins are visual now- selfishness, greed, pride, and lust.

Our culture says – “Treat Yourself”

God says “Deny Yourself “

Our Culture says- “Feast always”

God says “Fast”

“I am the Bread of Life”

Bible says “ Feed the Hungry”

Culture says “Get on this new diet for only $140 a month , we will deprive you”

“ this invention makes you look 10 pounds lighter , even if you are in terrible shape”

The culture worships celebrities in their sinfulness.

God wants us to study the lives of Saints not the Kardashians.

I believe we are so deep in this life of abundance we can hardly make coherent thoughts.

I will keep pondering my friends.

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