Ask yourself is this real? Is it authentic?

My son wanted coffeemilk this morning. He has never asked to have coffee with me before. I went to serve him coffee in a paper cup and i thought “No, he needs a glass coffee cup”

Because what he really wants is to experience drinking coffee with me. He is grasping for the Garden i shouldn’t short change his desire. Is it more aggravating to wash the coffeecup. Yes. Is it real? Yes.

I want fresh flowers in my living room. Should i buy fake flowers ? No. It’s not real. It’s not authentic. I want the artificial to feed my desire for nature indoors but it can’t. It may look decent for a little while. But it will collect dust and look old very quickly. I can A. Spend the proper money on real flowers and sacrifice something else B. Not put any flowers if i cannot do real c. Buy seeds for $0.50 and grow my own flowers D. Cut greenery from my yard and trees.

But i have to dig through the muck , determine what my heart is really after and don’t settle for the fraud. Even if it’s only $3.99 for a bundle of artificial flowers.

As I’m decluttering the toys, i need to ask myself what is desire in my heart. For the kids to play, be creative, and have fun. So does a plastic Dora encourage those goals? Maybe , maybe not. I know wooden blocks do. Balls, chalkboards, baby dolls and toy cars seem to do those things. The rest maybe overkill. The fraudulent toys do all the imagining.

As I’m decluttering my wardrobe or buying new pieces , they need to reflect my vocation. Questions like: is this actually clothes ? Will this fall apart when i wash it. Does this color look good on me? Is this age appropriate. Does this show that i have dignity and am loved by God?

I’m just thinking about different ways we can live authentically…

God doesn’t want to short change our desires, He wants us to live rich and full lives.

So maybe we can empty the garages, closets and toy boxes. We can pull our cars up and use the garage. We can utilize toy boxes for management of playthings.

We can pull the reigns back on never ending buying, and accumulating Stuff, stuff stuff.

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