So as I’m contemplating…

Modern Abundance, Obesity, and Social Media Obsession….

The Devil, and Plastic keeps coming to mind.

So i look up when did plastics become widespread?

It seems like it was invented in 1907 but it became widespread in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Exactly when i suspected…

My grandparents would have grew up without plastic- therefore making Christmas ornaments, making mattresses out of moss

My parents grew up with the beginning of plastics…

Our children are growing up with almost no items without plastic… toys , clothes, housewares, plumbing just about everything.

So plastic takes the place of traditional materials for a fraction of the cost.

( wood, cotton, metal, glass, ceramic)

As I’m pondering 🤔 this … i keep hearing- fake.

Is that the devils tactic- you don’t have to do such and such … just fake it.

Genesis: “Eat this Apple, you don’t have to be a God , you can be “like” a god , just by eating this”

1920- Mom and child would sew a doll and doll clothing.

2020- kids have 45 dolls they never play with.


1920- create Christmas decorations

2020- Buy new Christmas decorations by the cartful at hobby lobby, pay someone to decorate your tree. Throw away lights when they are too knotted


1940- Couple splits a coke on Saturday night , talking all afternoon.

2020- couple goes on vacation, takes hundreds of pictures, and don’t talk to each other the whole time


1920- kids help garden , cook and eat simple meals together.

2020- order take out from 2 different places, no one eats at the same time. No one cooks. No one cleans

Fake family meal

The abundance is a fake!

We have so much crap because we want

Happy kids

Family meal

Be good Mothers

Be healthy

Happy Marriages

We are choosing the “Apple” over the Garden of Paradise!!

One thought on “We are Choosing a Fake!

  1. I am so glad you are pondering. This is all so true and something we all should think about and put into practice. As a grandmother of many I often think about how I want my grandchildren to remember me. I think about my memories with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and not one fond memory has anything to do with a material thing. However they all all have to do with spending time talking, laughing, gardening, cooking and listening to each other and going to mass together. That is what I want to do with my grandchildren.


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