I once heard that Social media can produce this “high” when you get a bunch of likes. So a person can end up trying to repeat that high or get more likes etc. Milestone events as well as pictures of the event become sort of Trophies. Some people that get really attached to that internet endorphins try to collect more and more of these trophies.

I’ll never forget this… a few years ago, we went to a seafood restaurant in Florida. We sat next to a couple. I swear i did not see them talk to each other even once. They were both on their phones , i remember thinking wow that’s so strange… they aren’t speaking. Well when the food got there. The guy went sit next to the girl for a selfie. They put on the Bibs , and were pretending like the crabs were pinching them. Took a selfie as if they had the greatest time at that restaurant then went back to their silent meal. I kept thinking”oh my goodness “ anyone who sees this picture would think it was so much fun. And i wondered when they saw the picture 5 years from now, how would they remember that dinner??

Was the picture the most fun part of the evening?

So what if clutter is the same thing??

Do we collect kitchen things and cookbooks because deep down we want to be a great cook? Do we collect and store a bunch of board games and books because we dream about family game night and reading to our kids. Do we keep buying and buying decorations because we want to capture the style we saw on Pinterest. Do we keep and keep buying holiday decorations because deep down we want to experience that holiday. Our kids have about 300 too many toys because we wanted them to have the most fun childhood, wanting for nothing.

Our closets are brimming with clothes because we want to be that smaller size. We want to look good in yellow. We wish we had pretty legs or tan shoulders??

We have all that camping gear because we want to have a family vacation.

Do we own tons of baskets and organizational items because we want to be organized.

Are we trying to “have” this experiences/traits by owning the objects ???

Have the objects taken the place of the real life thing.

Tons of books but we don’t read to the kids.

Tons of kitchen items but we don’t cook.

Just like Facebook pictures taking the place of the actual event.

Can we come to terms with who we really are??

Can i get rid of all the fabric ?- i will never sew.

Can i get rid of the workout equipment?? That’s not me.

Can we love ourselves for who God created us to be?

Can we let go of objects that represent what we wish we were. So we can have space in our homes and hearts for what we are good at.

Maybe by buying and buying and buying and buying we actually think we are being better housekeepers, better wives, better spouses, better decorators, more outdoorsy, more athletic, more sophisticated. When actually all we did was buy the items.

The manufacturers are just supplying our fetish to be good at everything.

Tactic: Well this person wants to smell nice and be pampered. Even though she is sleep deprived and took a 3 min shower she can smell like she is totally taking care of. The market says : if the wealthy buys luxury body washes at $25 a bottle. The average person will buy 3 bottles for $5.99 each. What a deal!

You can “pamper” yourself for $5.99.

Are you actually pampered? Are you actually any more soothed or calmed that a spa experience would give you?


However your bathtub rim has 12 different products saying you will.

What about farmhouse? Pioneer woman and Joanna Gaines make farmhouses look like elegant resorts. Do you live on a farm? No. But you can buy a hand painted sign that says “farmhouse” for $12 at Target.

Are you any closer to living on a farm? Absolutely not. But when you purchased deep down you want that feeling of living on a farm.

Shiplap wallpaper- what a lie!!

Perhaps this is the Abundance. This is why we have garages filled with junk?

Closets that are avalanching out.

We are trying to purchase a life.

So if we determine that we can’t purchase a certain life.

How can we get the life we really want or we are designed for??

I’m not sure yet … I’ll keep pondering…

This may answer why we are keep clutter and ridiculous amounts of things but it doesn’t answer how it is so cheap and available?

I feel like God is telling me it has to do with 2 things… the devil and plastic.


( note: how strange this idea is ? My favorite ideas from God are ones that make NO sense, it is so satisfying to have a notion from God that needs to be unraveled)

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