Wow what a tough area to simplify and not indulge!!

I think it must have been almost 3 years ago, i posted a discussion with my friends.

How do you think God wants us to eat?

That was the beginning of my quest for how am i supposed to eat?

It really is a terribly confusing, and emotional topic. The way we eat covers health, psychological, emotional, our past, our self image, pretty much every aspect of our lives is linked to food.

Over the last few years of breaking down the “lies” around food, i think that I’m finally on to something that makes sense. Most of these ideas have come from a Catholic based eating program. (It’s a parish led program that revolves around the Eucharist)

These are the main principles i am kinda collecting to practice.

I believe that if i can keep practicing these principles for about a month, it will become my natural way of eating. The first week i did this, i lost 6 lbs.

I can actually feel the weight shedding off of me…in a very spiritual way as well. It has changed my gaze from wanting to be thin , to wanting to bring God into that area of my life as well. I’m in a sense letting go of the bondage of the modern diet.

Here are my self imposed rules for eating…

(Ideas from several sources)

  • First day, fast. Fast for as long as i can. (4 hours, 6, 12,20 whatever) trying to know what hunger pains feels like as well as shrinking my stomach.
  • I can only eat sitting down , with a plate , and a glass of water. If i don’t have time to do that, I’m not that hungry.
  • I can only serve the size of my fist of food. If there is a salad or veggie, i can serve a second fist size amount of that too.
  • Never go for seconds, if I’m still hungry after my plate, glance at the clock and wait 20mins. If at 20 min I’m still hungry, i can serve another plate.
  • If I feel hungry at wrong times, i will turn to prayer. Say a prayer for hungry people around the world. Drink water. Say a Rosary.
  • If i have a day full of overeating or holiday feasts( perfectly acceptable because the Bible is all about feasting!) then the next day i will fast.
  • When i fail, and eat a whole bag of chips. I will apologize to God for my gluttony and offer it up for someone with an addiction problem.
  • When do eat, i will eat the food I’m looking most forward to. I will eat slowly and calmly. Trying not to take a new bite until i finish the previous bite.
  • I will say the blessing and truly thank God for the food and the ability to feed my children
  • Always save a bite for my guardian angel

Last week i wanted chocolate so bad. So i asked myself why do i want this? What am i REALLY looking for ?

The answer was Joy.

So i sat down and asked God to give me Joy.

About ten seconds later my son comes in the room with a make shift head bandage and i popped out laughing. Then my daughter comes in the room , she had made me a pop up card. God sent me joy!

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