What a yucky feeling!

I hate that feeling!!

I can distinctly remember feeling jealous twice in my life. Both times i was mad at myself for feeling that way!

I found myself wanting to come up with failures in that person so i could justify why everything they did and had seemed so amazing.

The first time i felt this was when i lived in Baton Rouge and i had a friend that i hadn’t seen in a long time invite me to her house.

First off she was stunning. Like I’m talking magazine stunning. Her house was gorgeous. And immaculate. She had made this gorgeous lunch for us then when i left she mailed me a gold glitter note thanking me for my visit?!?!???

For real?!?!?

How can someone be so amazing???

At the time i was big (gained 40 pounds) with my first baby. I lived in a little condo first married and i went home and felt like crap. I felt like my clothes were crap, my house was not nice. It was a terrible terrible feeling!!

I didn’t even recognize myself and the way i was feeling.

I would now identify that as jealous. We may all crave different things. Maybe we want to be stylish, popular, exciting, neat, wealthy, motherly. Whatever it is. There are others that do it so perfectly and can make you feel like your efforts are so worthless.

This is partly why i had to get off of Facebook. I found myself thinking: “ sure that’s a gorgeous picture of you and your friends—- but i know you and your spouse don’t get along”


“That vacation looks amazing—- but i know you were yelling at your kids the whole time”

In my head i was justifying why they were so good in one area of life.

That’s terrible!

My niece recently taught me something. She is 16 and her friend got a new car. She found herself slightly jealous. She said “wait a minute, i love this person! What’s wrong with me” i need to be happy for them. So she called and shared the excitement about the new car.

Sometimes we need to snap out of it and say “that’s so awesome I’m so happy for you!” “You look so good!” “Your house looks beautiful “

It truly does release you from the nasty grip of jealousy.

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